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If ever there was a time for a fresh voice in Gospel music, one that is used focused
solely to point listeners to the cross, that time is now. With immeasurable
devastation being experienced throughout the world, and the kingdom of God itself
coming under bold attacks everyday, Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr. is here to proclaim through
song that God is still on the throne and still worthy to be praised.
Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr. is new to Gospel music but he’s been immersed in ministry for
most of his life. He was just 16 years old when he accepted the call to preach, and
currently serves as senior pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Fairfield,
California. He is also regional vice president of the National Baptist Convention; a
doctoral student and, moreover, a dedicated husband and father. With all of these
responsibilities, one may ask why a CD project – and why now? “This project came
about because God wouldn’t let me alone about it, laughs Dr. Lea – a lifelong
musician and praise and worship leader. “It’s way past time for me to do a recording
project and God lined everything up for me to release this project now. I know that
the will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you, so I just
went forward creatively as I was led by God to do, he says.
Dr. Lea’s musical talents have always operated parallel to his calling to preach the
Word of God. He began playing drums at the age of 5, went on to learn piano and
organ, and has played most brass instruments including tuba.
While pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in religion at Morehouse College, Lea was a
member of the renowned Morehouse College Glee Club (along with Gospel artist
Byron Cage) and pianist for the Morehouse College Jazz Ensemble.
Later, while working on his Master of Divinity Degree at Union Theological Seminary
in New York, Lea organized and directed the Union Gospel Choir and served as
Baptist Campus Minister and keyboardist for the Columbia University Gospel Choir.
He was also a keyboardist in Vy Higginson’s seminal stage play Mama I Want to
IT’S ABOUT TIME is a project that brings all of Lea’s gifts, and his love for the Word
of God, full circle. It is his goal for people to feel God’s love through his music, and
to be ushered into a spirit of praise and reverence.
Lea wrote all but two of the songs on the project, which was recorded partly live and
partly in-studio. “It was a wonderful experience, he says of the process. “I learned
and lot, grew a lot and it was a different way of experiencing God.
The first single, “We Worship You, is an up tempo anthem that introduces listeners
to the voice and heart of Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr. “The bible says that God inhabits the
praises of his people, and also that God loves those who worship in spirit and in
truth, Lea says of the song. “At the heart of every Christian is worship and I love to
worship the Lord.
Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr. /IT’S ABOUT TIME/2
Other highlights on IT’S ABOUT TIME are the quartet-styled “I’m Still Here; the
heartfelt mid tempo “A Follower of Christ; and the powerfully encouraging “You
Press On.
“I’m Still Here is a song of reflection and rejoicing. “Psalm 107 says let the
redeemed of the Lord say so, and that’s where I was when I wrote that song, recalls
Lea. “Looking back at where the Lord has brought me from; reflecting on people
who said I wouldn’t make it, and yet here I am at a season of my life where God has
shown me favour. Any of us who has been through anything and experienced the
grace and favour of God can join in on this song.
“Follower of Christ finds Lea in an almost meditative mode, singing “I want to be one
of his disciples/I want to walk in the newness of life/so let me be/a follower of Christ.
“I learned this song while I was in college. During a time when people are emulate
after other people – my desire is to be a follower of Christ, even though I appreciate
good role models, good people, my true desire is to follow Christ in terms of my
lifestyle, he says.
Of “You Press On, Lea says: “There is an autobiographical aspect of this song. It
was written during a time when I was really down and it seemed as though some
things I was dealing with weren’t going to change. There was a time when I felt like I
had no strength left and that hope was almost gone. The Lord simply said to me –
‘press on, and trust that I will see you through’. I just really incorporated that in my
own life dealing with struggles, you just have to press on.
IT’S ABOUT TIME is poised to be one of the most remarkable Gospel music debuts
of the year. It’s a CD that will speak to and restore the soul – one song at a time.
Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr. is Senior Pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Fairfield,
California. He graduated from Morehouse College with a Bachelor’s Degree in
Religious Studies and also holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Union Theological
Seminary in New York and an earned Doctor of Ministry Degree from the United
Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH. He is presently pursuing a second doctoral
degree in Biblical Studies.
Dr. Lea is also the author of Lessons from a Dying Saviour – which elucidates how
Jesus taught others to live as he was dying on the cross; and a contributor to Sound
The Trumpet Again! (Judson Press); Oxford Sermons II; and The African American
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