Chick Boyd Unveils a Unique Musical Odyssey- Experience the Infectious Harmony of \”Gay Like Me\”

Chick Boyd

With its anthemic appeal, “Gay Like Me” presents an enigmatic, electric, and bold spectacle for audiences to revel in

Welland, Ontario, Canada —December 31st, 2023 – A sonic alchemist hailing from the enchanting realms of Welland, Ontario, Chick Boyd emerges as a musical enigma with his latest album, “Gay Like Me.” A maestro of over 100 albums, Boyd’s melodies resonate with a distinctive fusion of personal narratives and the spirit of “Black Like Me.”

Inspired by the timeless echoes of Frank Sinatra and the revolutionary beats of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, “Gay Like Me” is a 24-bit symphony crafted entirely on Boyd’s iPhone over a month and a half. It’s a musical journey that spans humor, dance-worthy beats, and thought-provoking hits, offering listeners a spectrum of emotions from hilarity to liberation.

Boyd’s magnum opus, “Gay Like Me,” stands out as a beacon of his artistry, already capturing the hearts of enthusiasts in the bustling music scene of New York City. As a prolific creator, Boyd ventures into uncharted territories, where each note tells a tale and every composition is a testament to his avant-garde genius.

Notoriously elusive, Chick Boyd refrains from live performances and interviews, preferring to let his music be the sole communicator. His website,, serves as the portal to his auditory universe, hosting not only the album but also eight visually stunning music videos. The album is available for purchase on iTunes, providing a gateway for enthusiasts to delve into Boyd’s eccentric realm.

The artist’s musical journey finds roots in his unique creative process, producing all his music independently. With a recording history spanning over 100 albums, Boyd’s dedication to his craft is evident. “Gay Like Me” not only showcases his musical prowess but also offers a refuge for his hardcore, deranged fans – a sonic sanctuary born out of Boyd’s deep connection with his audience.

In a world saturated with social media noise, Chick Boyd remains an enigma, inviting listeners to experience “Gay Like Me” without the distractions of online presence. As the melodies of “Gay Like Me” reverberate, Boyd’s unique musical odyssey continues, leaving an indelible mark on the sonic landscape.

Visit Chick Boyd’s website to check out the 8 music videos for the record there, buy the album on iTunes, and experience a phenomenon unlike any other! Listen to the music on your favorite music channel. Buy the album on iTunes & see the videos at



Chick Boyd’s artistic legacy extends beyond music; he was a finalist for CBC’s Young Composer of the Year in 1992, a testament to his early brilliance with ‘Sunbathing in Times Square.’ A film major in university, Boyd has also made his impact in the world of visuals, creating over 100 music videos, all available for exploration and download on his website.

As he looks ahead to 2024, Boyd sets an ambitious goal – to write and record a song every day, resulting in a staggering 45 albums in the year. It’s a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft, an endeavor that promises to gift the world with a continuous stream of Boyd’s unparalleled creativity.


Chick Boyd
Name: Chick Boyd



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