Chase Dough Releases ‘ Hollywood Vol. 2’

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Hollywood, Florida – October 19, 2017 – Artists like Chase Dough are all about that organic growth. He takes his time to let things simmer, but note that he always has something cooking. The latest coming from his kitchen of rhymes is Hollywood Vol. 2, available now.

A blend of alternative spoken word with hip-hop, Chase Dough comes out of the gate with a novel sound. He delivers that style on latest release, Hollywood Vol. 2. Featuring an array of tracks, Hollywood Vol. 2 is nine songs deep and includes “Expensive Taste,” “Shadows” and more.

Performing a handful of shows on a monthly basis for the past six months, Chase Dough is doing the most to get his name out there to the people. Those interested in reviewing Hollywood Vol. 2 or interviewing Chase Dough can get in touch via the information provided below.


Chase Dough is a hip-hop artist from Hollywood, Florida with a new album, Hollywood Vol. 2.

Chase Dough


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