Charlotte “The Queen City” has a New Song

Charlotte “The Queen City” has a New Song



Musician, Semaj Hill, releases new single titled “Rite Now” that’s raising community awareness.

“From a father who is suffering from cancer, to a relationship that ends in tragedy, Semaj Hill gives singing for a purpose a new meaning.  His Story begins at a young age in Southern Georgia that ends in Charlotte with songs of Motivation!”


Charlotte, NC “Rite Now” by Semaj has really become the song for many locals in the “Queen City” Charlotte.  A song that was inspired by a breakup between two high school sweethearts that left a heart broken for several years.  Not only the heartbreak from the relationship, but the recent findings of his father suffering from cancer in Chicago.  Semaj has a passion for raising awareness for the support of cancer patients, single moms, and children in single parent homes.  The Push for “Rite Now” is to kickstart the non-profit to help bring broken families back together again.

 Semaj the Artist, also known as James “Semaj” Hill, was born September 14, 1992 in Macon, GA. Here is where it all began and grasping the concept of the “No Work-No Play” way of life.  Georgia is known for its agricultural science and raising of livestock. And yes, for those who never been to South Georgia, cotton still has its place there.   Not many 8 year olds have the opportunity to pick cotton, squash, okra, or tobacco these days.  During the late 90’s early 2000’s, time was changing and picking cotton wasn’t on most of our “to do” list.  Semaj told us in a recent interview that “I would work hard with my grandfather and grandmother, and would have long talks him on the tractor as we plowed the land, and he would always tell me to shoot for the stars. You can do anything you desired as long as you work hard and be persistent.”

After the passing of his grandfather it wasn’t long before Semaj and his family left Macon to begin their journey to Charlotte.  During the transition to Charlotte, Semaj parents were in the middle of a separation. The reality of it all brought a lot of stress and misunderstanding on Semaj in how relationships can really take a turn for the better.  Being a single mom with kids can be overwhelming at times, and seeing the struggle that was upon her, forced Semaj to take charge and be supportive as much as possible.  It’s not much a teen can do financially, but Semaj continued to maintain his grades, join choral groups, bands, and even the church choir to honor the wishes of his grandfather.  Semaj has always been a singer as well as writer since grade school.  He recalls the first song he wrote called “Thank You Lord,” which won a competition hosted by a local radio station in Charlotte.

It wasn’t long before Semaj received the news of his father being diagnosed with cancer.  If you ever experienced similar circumstances you will agree this is not something you can swallow easily.  Semaj explains that its difficult at times wanting to be in Chicago to his father when he has to be in Charlotte to and work to support his family.  “If I could take off right now and be there every day, I would, but I can’t,” says Semaj. “So I spend most of my time writing music and short movie plots to occupy my time.” Just as I promised my grandfather, I promise my father that one day “You” will see how great I’ve become and I owe it all to you both.  My mom Ronda and Reggie are great supporters in my life, as well as my other siblings, They are all instrumental in bringing “Semaj the Artist” to a reality.”

Rite Now was inspired by a relationship that went bad.  Semaj chose different words but for the sake of the article were going to just say badly.  Really it was a high school sweetheart who left and moved miles away that left his heart broken which had him loving and yearning for her return years later.  The song is really a great listen and well written if you ask me.  The picture was painted clearly without any questions left undone. The song shows his vocal range and ability to challenge the scale and create those harmonies that are pleasant to hear.

The song is now on ITunes, Amazon, Google Play and many other stores online or you can visit his website at for more information and music.

Don’t miss out on the wonderful song. Go to his website and check it out and leave a review.  He is looking for tracks and producers to work with for his upcoming album which can be downloaded within his soon to be released mobile app.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] to find out more.




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