Channeling his Passion for Rock through Striking and Mesmerizing Rhythms- Tom Focke Drops New Single

Tom Focke( pronounced Pho..key)

“I don’t know” is a representation of Tom Focke’s knack for originality, flair, and developing inimitable rhythms

Cincinnati, Ohio —May 2nd, 2023 –An enlivening, bold, and unfettered new form of Rock takes the forefront with the electrifying new single by Tom Focke (pronounced Pho Key). Titled “I don’t know,” the powerful new release introduces audiences to the enigmatic, fierce, and talented style and ethos of Tom Focke.

Upping the ante with his hard-hitting verses, seamless flow, and magnetic appeal, Tom Focke’s newest drop is set to astound audiences. Having released for listeners on the artist’s official music platforms on May 2nd, 2023, “I don’t know” is a fitting exemplar of Tom’s experimental brilliance.

The seasoned singer, songwriter, and artist already has a spectacular roster which boasts 150+ original songs that he has written and recorded independently in his music/computer room.

Tom has been writing and recording since 2010, and he continues to enjoy the challenge of creating something new and figuring out how far to take it. His unyielding passion for music is evident in every single one of his tracks, and with “I don’t know,” the artist is taking things a step further.

A skilled singer-songwriter, Tom has made a name for himself with his memorable and unique sound and style, which engrosses and enlivens listeners from the very first note. The artist effortlessly blends classic Rock elements with modern twists to create a sound that is both fresh and familiar.

One of the crucial ways that Tom stands apart from other musicians is through his love of the creative process and his genre-defining artistic expression. The eclectic artist enjoys exploring new ideas and experimenting with different sounds and styles. Whether one is a die-hard rock fan or just someone looking to explore the genre, Tom Focke’s latest single is bound to scintillate all.

Stream Tom Focke’s exciting new single, “I don’t know” and follow the artist’s musical journey across 150+ tracks on every major music streaming platform. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out through the artist’s email.



Tom Focke is a seasoned musician and songwriter. The artist first picked up a guitar at the young age of 10, and it wasn’t long before he was playing in bands throughout high school.

In 2010, Tom began exploring the world of song writing and recording, and he quickly found that he had a natural talent for crafting memorable melodies and insightful lyrics. Over the years, the artist has amassed an impressive collection of original songs, with a total count ranging from 150 to 160 and counting.

Tom’s creative process is unique for every song he creates but regardless of the process, the result is always a memorable and catchy tune that showcases Tom’s talent and inventiveness. With a deep love for music and a commitment to creating something new and exciting with every track, Tom Focke is a force to be reckoned with.


Tom Focke( pronounced Pho..key)
Name: Tom Focke



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