Captain Courageous

Captain Courageous

Contact: Zach Simas
Phone: 9163351045
Email: [email protected]

SACRAMENTO, CA – Hello, we are Captain Courageous, an Independent, Alternative/rock band from Sacramento, California. Now, currently in 2013 we have five members in the band: Dylan Block (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Zach Simas (Vocals, Guitar), Andrew Spittler (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Thomas Hemington (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), and Joe Koppel (Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals, Harmonica, Trumpet).

Recent day, Captain Courageous has released their all original, debut album “Captain Courageous and the Colossal Cloud of Color”. They are currently working hard in their studio recording their upcoming summer album, which the title for has not yet been released. Four music videos from “Captain Courageous and the Colossal Cloud of Color” are on youtube as well as their website,

This upcoming summer of 2013 Captain Courageous, is touring several venues and small shows around Sacramento, San Francisco, and various cities in Southern California for their first album.

All five of us attended the same high school in Sacramento. We’ve all been making music since we were little, and we all have many different influences along the way. Thomas and Andrew formed a band early in high school entitled “Hawley” which is a similar to the style of the music that Captain Courageous produces today. Around the same time, Dylan and Zach experimented with rap music, and covered a variety of different artists and genres along the way. Joe Koppel, a pianist since birth, had been performing in jazz clubs and various art shows around sacramento in his earlier years, before joining Captain Courageous.

One day Zach was sitting at his computer listing to “The Red Hot Chili Peppers”, when he thought to himself, “Why don’t I play music like this, instead of rapping?” In the following weeks Zach and Dylan (Bestfriends at the time) started covering many of chili pepper songs as well as a few other bands. Zach and Dylan getting more serious about music, decided to call Thomas, a former high school friend and asked him if he wanted to jam around and start playing music with them. After Thomas heard what they had covered, in excitement called his best friend Andrew to come play guitar and bass with them. That following summer they spent several hours a day in a small studio in Gold River California playing music daily. Towards the end of summer they began recording some songs that Andrew had written earlier in his musical career. As Captain Courageous was forming, the struggle of the members having to leave for college arose. That next year they all individually played music, wrote new songs, and bettered themselves for their musical future. While Dylan and Zach were still in high school and Thomas and Andrew away in College, they decided to call their friend Joe that they went to high school with as well as played football with for several years, and asked if he would like to play the piano for them. He accepted, and has been apart of Captain Courageous since.

Social Media:

Captain Courageous

Dylan Block
@dylanblock Twitter

Zach Simas
@ZachSimas Twitter

Andrew Spittler
[email protected]

Thomas Hemington
@Hemi411 Twitter

Joe Koppel
@Koptimus Twitter

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