Brother Monk: Love Songs for a New Mille


Contact: Moses Mikheyev
Phone: 15096902967

SPOKANE, WA – Brother Monk creates that perfect, romantic atmosphere that your date was missing last night: acoustic guitars, soothing vocals, love-dipped lyrics, and breath-taking violins.
This is the part where Brother Monk meets sister nun (and falls in love). Because this musician is no “monk” in the ordinary sense; his music is romantic enough to be included in the sensual, yet biblical, book “Song of Songs.”
His song “You” simply highlights predestined love and romanticizes its ability to guide couples together; “Because You’re Mine” sounds like a country pop song written for a summer wedding; and “She is Yours” tells the story about a girl and boy who happen to fall in love via love letters. From beautiful finger-picking to powerfully strummed choruses, Brother Monk can hold his listeners captive. Whether you like Jason Mraz or Colbie Caillat doesn’t matter anymore: Brother Monk is gently finding his niche in the rock-pop/love-song industry.