Biography of Amanda Exum


Contact: Amanda Exum
Phone: 2296995190

LEESBURG, GEORGIA – If Humans Could Fly is a compilation music project created by Amanda M. Powell.
Finishing the 3rd album, Screaming Sessions, I.H.C.F. has become a local act in
Albany, Ga and has played at Karma Cafe with gigs offered from Chili’s Bar n Grill,
Chopshop Bar n Grill as well as recording offers from artists from other
collaborating artists from hip hop to country. The birthplace of If Humans Could Fly,
CD Xchange on Dawson road in Albany, is where the demo for “Screaming Sessions”
is being handed out for. If Humans Could Fly is an unsigned recording artist,
Recording Engineers are Ed McCrae for Albany Recording and Brandon Morris for
Brandon Morris Recording. I.H.C.F. is sponsored by CD Xchange as well as NeoVoxx

Recently, Amanda has changed her artist name to “Amanda Exum”, taking her life partner’s last name. Neovoxx no longer sponsers her music, however, November 2012 will be a fresh start for Amanda Exum and her music. She will be starting a small tour 11.2012, performing covers as well as her original music, along with a stage performance unlike most acoustic artists. Stay tuned for new music coming end of this year to tie up her new demo, “Open Mic Nite: Amanda Exum”! A new chapter in Amanda Exum’s (Powell’s) music is her new rise to open listening, folk rock, boundless experimentation with lyrics expressed vocally and musically. She loves to hear from fans for their own influences, inspirations and experiences as well as what the audience likes to hear in music. take a listen and enjoy. Support indie artists!!