Up and comming small town band: Beyond the Silence


Contact: Chris Corson
Phone: 3194273820
Email: beyondthesilence@hotmail.com


Beyond the Silence is a five piece alternative rock band from Waverly Iowa. Formed in late 2006 under a different name, Beyond the Silence has gone through a name change, and a member rotations as well. Sticking close to their roots, the band incorporates an old fashioned sense of punk rock speed, with the weight of Rock & Roll. Each member has a broad background in various music tastes, from hip/hop, & punk rock, to heavy metal, & oldies. When writing original material, Beyond the Silence leaves no stone unturned, constantly exploring new avenues and directions to take, solely in the name of writing music for their fans that is new & different, yet still at its core, the same style of music that their fans have come to know & love.

Who we have performed with
Saving Abel, Egypt Central, Red Line Chemistry, Candlelight Red, Eve to Adam, Burn Halo, The Veer Union, My Darkest Days, Black Oxygen, 3 Pill Morning, Sevendust, and Ed Kowalczyk (Live’s original singer)