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Cincinnati, Ohio — October 15, 2016 — The man behind Beasty Bizness is an artist who has set his heart on being a successful entrepreneur. His wide range of trials has brought him up as a struggle survivor who will stop at nothing but the top. This father of four children, owner, artist, actor, and much more strives to be the best businessman you will ever have the pleasure to know and has dreams to create opportunities for others just like him.

Terry Thomas (Beasty Bizness) is the brother of Timothy Thomas, the young black male killed by a Cincinnati police officer in early 2001 which sparked the city’s civil unrest. Since that time he has dealt with his own justice issues as well as wrong decisions which led him to pursue his dreams in the music and entertainment industry. These days Beasty has been creating new music and chasing the idea of success with a sure sense that in his 2017 debut he will become one of the greatest to ever do it.

Beasty says, “I grew up in this world without any real guidance but I am determined to make a successful way for me and my family.” A long time fan of Beasty noted, “I believe in this guy he has always been on the grind since before I can remember, one day he gone be a big deal to the world real talk.”

Being a successful artist is one of Beasty’s main goals, so as he continues to grow in the music industry he plans on expanding the Beasty Bizness brand into other things like movies, clothing, real estate, and much more. The ultimate goal is to become a successful entrepreneur that provides opportunities for his family and others who wants to do something great with their lives.

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Beasty Bizness aka T.Beasty
Terry Thomas

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