Contact: Sabrina Gibson
Phone: 334-356-7202

EDGEWOOD, MD – Born Donte Richardson on April 28, 1988 in Baltimore Maryland, TAY ROC started writing raps at the age of 9 and was battle rapping by the time he reached Middle School. By the time he was 16 years old, TAY ROC had made a name for himself in the world of battle rap on the local Harford County and Baltimore scene. At age 18 TAY ROC decided to take his battles out of state and began battling in New York where he gained notoriety. He was contacted by Smack of Url tv at the age of 21 and his battle rap career rose to a whole new level of success. TAY ROC has had over 250 rap battles in his career, many of them on YOUTUBE with views up to 400,00 plus. In late 2012 Tay Roc decided to start his own Company CAVE ENT. and persue a career in the rap industry, he dropped a Mixtape called COCA-LOSA & GRANDADDY that was released on He is now recording his first debut Album to be released by the Summer of 2013. TAY ROC is going main steam with his music although his love and passion for battle rap still remains. He hopes to bring his rap battle fans over to his mainstream music to achieve great success in the indstry as an Independent artist. TA ROC will Host THE ATLANTIC COAST DIVISION BATTLE RAP COMPETITIONS and will always remain relevant in the world of battle rap. To listen to or Download His mixtape please visit