B Fhukken Have Releases Cascade of New Music


Three Singles Out Now

Queens, New York – September 6, 2017 – Hot out a studio in the heart of Queens comes four singles from hip hop’s latest emcee B Fhukken Have. “Windy City Pt 2,” “Beef Stew Pt 2,” and “Xixxci Pt 2” all dropped August 29, 2017.

Starting when he was just 16-years-old spitting freestyle rhymes comparable to Wu Tang at a Boys and Girls Club, B Fhukken Have knew he has something by the way the crowds would react. From there he continued to work on his craft, and with his debut single “Windy City” he garnered some airplay throughout the US and even headed down to Texas to tour. He’s also performed at home in New York City as well.

Bringing a one of a kind tone this his performances and recordings, B Fhukken Have notes, “I think originality is the key to success if you’re not original I don’t know how you are gonna survive when you run into an MC like me.” That confidence landed him in the pages of Scope and The Wall Street Journal. With four singles out now, he is looking to land in more. As he is planning on touring in the coming months, and will soon be dropping two new joints; “Resurrection Paradise Pt 3”  and “Babyfood.”

Those interested in adding any or all of B Fhukken Have’s “Windy City Pt 2,” “Beef Stew Pt 2,” or “Xixxci Pt 2” on their playlists, or speaking with him about his career can get in touch via the information provided below.


B Fhukken Have is a Queens based rapper who just dropped three new singles on August 29, 2017.

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B Fhukken Have

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