B.A.M was raised in south central (WATTS) where he started his musical journey, the words that he raps are true to him and actual events that according his life.

Gratter LOS Angles CA — August 13, 2018 — B.A.M is an out the box kind of thinker with metaphors that would have u thinking three times and with verbs that would make u take action. He has been perfecting his craft since he was nine, altho he started freestyle years before writing, He has surpassed most artists with the passion, skill, and determination too always push and shake the envelope.

B.A.M has been speaking for those who can’t speak for them self, without any thought of regret. With word and metaphors that you can overstand, that create a filling of 90s hip-hop and today’s rap. With an enormous amount of energy, witty comment and B.A.M’s cunning way of making people feel like there best friends with him for years, he’s sure to be in your playlist soon, and a household name.

“I’m getting what I’m coming for, you getting whats coming to you
carma a mouther fucker, especially when its coming for ya,
Hook em then jab, mike tyson there ass,
leak in my bag, so the drip can’t avoid that”

B.A.M unique melodies chose of words and endless energy is sure to be a phenomenal experience for big and small crowds alike. He has a way of expressing his self profoundly in ways to make u fill an era of emotion. With a voice and caters, that demands your ear and a smile that brighten your day he is B.A.M (Black American Male).

You can check out B.A.M music on Soundcloud, for the time being, you can find his latest release to date: @ bam_bknow
also, you can follow his social media by going to https://www.instagram.com/blvck.vmerican.male/


B.A.M (Black American Male)
4120 Baldwin Ave #2



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