Avi – Artist Information


Contact: Luke Avis
Phone: 502-460-4393
Email: justavimusic@aol.com

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – Avi began producing and making music at age 11. Now age 18 he still has a great passion for music, spending almost all of his free time producing instrumentals and writing lyrics. He writes all of his own lyrics and produces all compositions alone because it allows him to focus much more seriously. Avi mixes and masters all of his songs himself. Although this is not one of his strengths he mainly focuses on the lyrics and feel of the music, mixing and mastering falls into the background of his talent.
It is important to know that Avi suffers from a disease called Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF has had such a huge impact on his life, so it inevitably works his way into his lyrics. Cystic Fibrosis has inspired him to write such songs as Top of the World and 65 Roses. It is CF itself that has inspired Avi to create his music and inspire others who suffer from the disease to persevere, just as he will for the remainder of his musical career.
Contact Info. Email: justavimusic@aol.com Phone:502-460-4393