Andrew Varner; A New, Unique Pop Voice


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NASHVILLE, TN – Andrew Varner’s authenticity is apparently clear as he transforms his life into song.

Andrew Varner was born is a small town in Ohio called Defiance. His musical preference is pop and he holds nothing back regarding his childhood, relationships, and being brutally real about all aspects of his life. He believes in truth above all else and is always cognizant of the moment in which he lives – meaningful moments where his own humanity is a struggle to understand, if possible.
His music writing style is a great blend of rich instrumentation, relatable stories all delivered with an incredible melodic structure with catchy verses and toe-tapping beats. He speaks to his audience from behind a keyboard as he sings his songs that seem to be written only for your ears to hear. In fact, this is one of many common threads that Andrew seems to have perfected when it comes to writing his songs.
In 2009 he signed with an independent label out of Nashville where he released his first EP and toured for a few years. He had performed in the Midwest and east coast singing original material and cover tunes at colleges and nightclubs. The label never promoted him as he should have been and Andrew decided to take matters into his own hands and immediately began shopping around for a new producer and potential label. Finding a new producer in Nashville gave him the comfort to begin working on this second project which will be a full length album.
In December 2012, Andrew Varner will be releasing his latest CD “Shades of Red with single “Give Me A Reason leading the way. It is a breakup song which is written from the perspective of someone whose moment of realization that the relationship is ending freezes him in the moment, only to ask the question ‘why?’ The song has a great rhythm, great catchy verses, and a clean pop sound to it. The piano is central to its melody bringing the verses together. It is beautifully written and a great song to listen to. Pop music lovers and romantics alike will love this song, as they will the other songs on this CD. “Give Me A Reason is only one of many great pop songs that are relatable and memorable.
“Shades of Red will be available in both digital and physical formats. You can currently purchases single releases and other songs from past recordings such as “Make Believe by logging onto the following websites:

“I slave over lyrics. They have to say what I was feeling and perhaps in a way no other artist has voiced. I have a lot of songs that are still “cooking. Unlike the last record, I feel as if the songs on the new record are cooked to perfection lyrically speaking. If people can dance to these, great…if they can cry to them, wonderful…but if I can make people think and help them to be inspired? That’s precisely what I’m going for.

Andrew Varner’s music is a taste of life through the eyes of a storyteller. Enjoy his wonderful music.
Andrew Varner is currently working with A & R Select in Sherman Oaks, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and or placement opportunities. You can reach them at:
A & R Select