Alinn Leeve’s Big Screen Arrangements


Singer-Songwriter with a Knack for Soundtracks

Long Island City, New York – November 29, 2016 – Movies can be void of words. That was how they started out, but what they always needed was music. What would The Bodyguard be without “I Will Always Love You,” what about Star Wars without the stunning score? That’s where artists like Alinn Leeve comes in. She has been singing since elementary school, and over the years had realized she has a pure gift for crafting the perfect song for a scene.

Born in Uzbekistan, she moved to Israel before the age of six, and it was at the tender age that music crept into her life. Always inspired by the energy of the people that surrounded her as well as spirituality, she found herself performing throughout high school solidified her need to continue on with it, and with that she went off to college to major in vocals. While there she took the stage singing with jazz bands and in musicals. Deciding she needed to hit the states, she headed to New York City in 2007, where she’s played everywhere from bars to weddings, and everything in between. She’s all about getting heard and making the most of the day because she believes, “The future is now!”

A year after being in New York, she found herself featured on local TV as a guest singer, and most recently she hit the airwaves on a local radio station. She continues to write and create in hopes of catching the attention of filmmakers looking for someone to bring their movie to life through song. She is also focused on making her own music, and writing for other artists as well. Leeve has a lot of creativity running through her, and wants to share it within the music realm.

Those interested in hearing more from Alinn Leeve can check her out online, and those interested in working with her can contact her with the info provided below.


Alinn Leeve is an Uzbekistan born singer-songwriter currently residing in New York who is making her own music while focusing on working alongside filmmakers on soundtracks.

Alinn Leeve
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