East London — August 1, 2017 — AceTheSpade is the new up and coming fist of its kind a Rapper that sings with soul

Came from the hood of South Africa a kid that always had temper and the only way for him to find himself was through singing and writing songs at a from a young age.Raised by his grandparents and birthed by teenage young mother,but always dreamed that his beginning wont deprive him from his goal

Andile Magengelele would get into a lot of fights back in his primary school days,cause he felt those around were trying him thinking his weak because of his looks and skinny size which he proved them wrong,but again he thought, what kind of life filled with violent is good for anyone and that when he tried to change his ways

Andile Magengelele known as AcetheSpade he would sing to comfort himself cause he felt nobody understood him,nobody so music will he way of letting the pain go when his alone,very private space but he could come out and peruse music cause his self esteem took a knock to,as his childhood was very challenging,his biological father coming in and out of his life and bad relation ship between him and his younger half brother,kinder felt the world was against him,but always find ways to make new friends lot of friends and he once perused playing Pro soccer,but his first love caught up with him

He started his own record label in 2015 and AcetheSpade is the kind of character that likes to lead,cause he comes from the hood we most people thing he is crazy,thinking he can achieve this dream of being a world star artist and record label owner and put his province on international stage,but AcetheSpade always felt like these where just goals to him and he still wanna show everything is possible if you believe you can and change lives and safe them too through his music,because without it he felt he could have been dead or became murderer cause that’s the hood mentality in the street and some of the ones he grew up with are no more and without the music the wouldn’t be difference with his fate too

AcetheSpade artist and record label owner is here to tell his story and create platform so others don’t suffer like he did as lot of doors were shut at his face,until he decided to make his own path and you are welcome to follow.


record label owner of company named Black Messiaz Enertainment which he built from nothing,friends that are not really keen on dream but would always disturb him wanting to record not understanding that this young man was starting a business,stating its all possible if you continue to work at it and till this day his working on building one of the best record label to come out from South Africa,Eastern Cape labeled as one the poor province in SA,but AcetheSpade has a dream thats really a goal so telling him he cant make it is nothing but waist of time

Andile Magengelele
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