A life without stress, drama, and pain

A life without stress, drama, and pain


Harriman, TN — Friday, June 12th, 2020 — A life without stress, drama, and pain is a hard life to find. Channeling one’s inner self can be difficult for example: finding ways to cope with mental anger. losing a loved one, or just being alone in general. Many times people see themselves as a burden to others because they are always talking about themselves. When all they need is someone to care for them in a troubling time.

People do not see others struggle, because they never take the risk of asking each other how they are doing. Growing up it was hard to understand why life seemed to be so difficult, why every time the news came on it would be nothing but drama, stress, and mentally draining pain. Never once as a child could hating someone by there skin color ever make sense nor does it make sense now. Just growing up as a child was tough because there were always eyes on the child and the parents of minorities.

Time is running short and people have to begin to understand that it is time to get it together. There is no need to be against one another in this difficult time, because people should love one another through the empathy of their hearts. No discrimination, hate, or injustice should ever be involved when considering individuals as a whole in this world. Higher powers that are appointed on this planet are being too inconsiderate of other’s feelings, and it causes people to go insane because people can not live in peace.

The cries from the outside are something that people in this world should be able to stop right now. For years the power was always in the tongue of individuals who did not have care about the individuals living in this society. People should always learn to love one another as a brother to brother, sister to sister, and brother to sister whether we have the same viewpoints on religion or not. Not only religion, but political aspects is also whats keep people from loving one another because we can not open our eyes and love our brother and sister despite their outlook on the world.

To sum everything up, people in the world need to stop being mad at each other and help their neighbors when they are down. There are homeless individuals who just seek love and someone to talk to from time to time because they feel like it is a burden to ask for a piece of change or a snack from a convenience store. Music is a good way to impact what is going on in society today, and if people who claim themselves as artists would just realize that their voice can change a lot of the problems, we can make this world a much better place to live in. Being the one to step up to the plate can be very scary for many, but at some point, it has to be done.

Everyone, please go check out my new songs in the ling below, and let us enjoy and vibe together as different people, but on one accord.






My name is Derrick Myers a.k.a DAM Drip. I am 22 years of age, and music has always been a big game-changer in my life. I hope that many can find some sort of relief in my music, and make a situation good by any means necessary.



DAM Drip
DAM Drip


My name is Derrick Myers a.k.a. DAM Drip. I am 22 years young and from Harriman, TN. Since I was… ...Read More

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