A Boy from the slums of the hood



East London, Eastern Cape in South Africa — March 31, 2018 — AceTheSpade, a rapper with a soul all the way from South Africa has been in the game for years, learning the ins and out and finally his here to stay and make something of himself, there’s a lot on the way.

Raised by his grandparents, Andile Magengelele later known as AceTheSpade has always had a love for music and grew around a big family that would gather and celebrate being together through listening to music, dancing and singing as family and friends, and church too had a lot of influence in him becoming an artist.

This guy always knew his fate was to spread the message and stay true in order for him to really bring something rather than just making music and getting rich.His music gives comfort through words, wisdom, care, love, loyalty and all that’s needed for us as people to fully realize our power of being in one with the world, which is being true to ourselves and making the life we want to live even against all odds, and that’s AceTheSpade.

His been to X-factor, including South African Idols and this was in 2014 and 2015.He visited Durban to showcase his abilities as a Vocalist and Rapper, but things didn’t go as he planned and when he got back home he decided to put work in making himself who he wants to become.

AceTheSpade is on his way to the top of the music industry, introducing Rap Soul to the world. His single “Better” has even played on Jamzo online radio station from Durban, registered under CAPPASO, Top 20 on CCG Network Radio, single titled “Be free” (cover song) has been featured on Spotify Discovery playlist and next step will be TV and more placement on Fm radio stations nationally and internationally, including the fact that he has been featured on local radio station Kumkani FM.

AceTheSpade a Rapper with Soul has put a lot of work and effort in building himself as a person and artist, also managed to build an independent record label for himself and his single “Better” has been chosen for curation by the Reverb Nation Senior Curators and his EP is doing well in stores.It will finish a year since published in 2017 on April 15th this year.




Andile Magengelele
41740 mbena street Santa site
Press Kit: http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/acethespade


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