5th Music Video for 5th Album by Viet Rapper


Contact: Carolina Ceja
Phone: 702-813-7261
Email: anniehallrecords@gmail.com

LOS ANGELES, CA – Polar opposite of last weeks blurry and burning whites music video for “isn’t a Hero Just Someone Who Kills Foreigners?”, Vintage Rapper, Michael Nhat opens us up to an all backdrop music video “Clocks and Monsters” based on a college film class assignment given to him in 2004 “Take a camera and shoot anything you want, but don’t put people or anything alive in it as the main focus”.

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSSuoL2fRVw to watch “Clocks and Monsters” in HD

The 5th music video from the 5th solo full-length “Those Born of a Ghost” available on cassette tape and CD.