JAcOB Puts His Madness to Creative Use

JAcOB Puts His Madness to Creative Use


Rock Meets Folk with Singer/Poet


London, England – May 4, 2016 – Inspiration falls into the laps of a creative being in all forms. Whether it’s love or loss, they’ll find a way to make something out of it. For JAcOB, it’s the things he’s seen, the feelings he’s felt and the life he’s lived thus far that started him down not only a musical path, but a poetic one as well. With that, he’s created a couple of albums and more than a handful of poetry publications that are all as expressive as the last.

With his alternative meets folk sound, he’s like the musical offspring of Linkin Park and Martyn Joseph. For JAcOB, music is his passion and he continues to put himself out there in hopes to not only reach people, but touch them. He says, “I am a sufferer of severe depression and it’s a lonely place to be…you can be in a room surrounded by your best friends and advocates and still be unreachable and alone.” He’s also a purest with sound, noting, “I refuse to use any vocal moderation software (like auto tune) as I wanted the listener to hear the raw ‘naked’ quality of my voice in this honest piece of work. I feel this has embellished and enhanced the music and its message.”

Always writing from the heart, he’s poured all that and more into his work. Since traveling to war torn areas around the world, he’s seen the best and the worst mankind has to offer and he draws inspiration from those memories. His worldly outlook has helped him garner airplay in various countries including North America, Canada, Israel, UK and Germany.

Currently JAcOB is putting the final touching on his sophomore release, the naked truth, due out July 29, 2016. After that he’ll prepare for his 2017 release, For the Forgotten.

Those interested in hearing more about JAcOB and keeping tabs on all he does creatively can check him out online.

JAcOB is an alternative folk rock singer-songwriter who doubles as a poetic soul who is preparing for his sophomore release this summer.

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Website: http://justanordinarybloke.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacob.blogs