Cody Webb – More than a Little single

Cody Webb - More than a Little single


Cody Webb – More than a Little single


More than a little is the lead single from Nashville-based country artist Cody Webb’s upcoming EP, which releases this summer. The song breezes along at an energetic pace, with Cody’s songwriting capabilities holding the song together and making it enjoyable. The lyrics leave a lasting impression due to their catchy nature, with the musical arrangements and Cody’s laidback singing perfectly complementing them. The track has everything going for it and makes for a pleasing listen, though it does not offer anything extraordinary. Here’s my interpretation of the lyrics:

I’m gonna turn your porch into a dance floor tonight

Make sure this first one’s just right

You’re having a wonderful dinner with her. Things are going great. You loosen up and start opening yourself up to her. You start to forget the nagging work troubles. You’re sensing an amazing connection, as always. You begin to feel at home with her – with lovely, beautiful her. And finally it’s time to drop her home. You can’t stop yourself from smiling on the drive back. And when you’ve reached her place, she gets out slowly and leans over and invites you in, to your surprise and delight. Heart leaping, you agree and go in. As she goes to get drinks, you put on a light romantic ballad on her stereo and as she enters, you look into her eyes and pull her close to you. She squeals gently but by now your arms are around her waist and you start moving to the music, your face right next to hers. You take care to handle her delicately. You want this moment to be special – the perfect mood had been set.

I’m on the edge of going over

So go ahead lean in closer

Explosions happen and feelings collide. Your deepest senses start kicking in and you’re totally lost in this person in front of you. Your eyes meet hers and encourage her to dive in with you.

Bye bye my heart, hello your lips

I know where I’m headed after this kiss

Head over heels fallin’ into a little more than a little in love with you

More than a little in love with you

Your emotions start to take over and you find yourself gradually losing track of everything – even yourself. You shut the world out and close your eyes. There’s just you and her and this moment. And you don’t want it to be over. You know it will lead to something beautiful – something that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. And in that moment, you know she is the one.


Score 10/10 Stars

Missy Hogan