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Signs That You Are Ready for a Music Manager

So, you think you’re ready to find a music manager. But, do you really need one yet? A lot of musicians begin their career thinking that they need a manager in order to make a name for themselves. The truth is, you won’t even get a decent manager until you’ve already established yourself to a certain a degree.

Discover the signs that indicate you’re ready for a music manager.

You Have a Strong Social Media Following

One of the first things that a potential manager will do when they hear your music is to check out your online presence. They’ll search for you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms. If they can’t find you or if you don’t have a strong following, they will stop considering you.

How many followers do you need? There’s no exact answer to this. It could vary based on your region. But, you will not get by with just a few hundred followers on Twitter. If you have been managing your own career for a few years, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have several thousand social media followers.

The number of followers that you have is a good indication as to your potential. Managers see this as a positive and it’s a major part of their decision as to whether or not they’ll work with you.

If you need help attracting followers, you should become more active on social media. Send out posts regularly, engage your audience, respond to comments, and keep sharing content and music. For more info, take a look at this video – social media strategies for musicians:

You Have a Lot of Positive Feedback on Music Streaming Sites

Along with social media, a potential manager will definitely check out the top music streaming sites to find your music. When you’re promoting your own music, you need to take advantage of these streaming sites. It’s a great way to increase your fan base and receive positive or negative feedback from the public.

You should be active on at least one popular streaming site, such as SoundCloud. Whenever you record a new song, make sure you’ve uploaded your track somewhere online. You don’t necessarily need to use a streaming site, but they are one of the most effective ways to reach the music listening public.

You Have Experience in the Music Industry

When you are your own manager, you handle a lot of tasks that will eventually be taken over by an actual music manager. This really does give you a lot of experience that will be crucial during the coming years.

After you start working with a music manager, you’ll be able to understand their role in your career. Otherwise, how would you know if your manager is doing everything in his or her power to help your career? So, when you book gigs and advertise your own merchandise, you are gaining real-world experience in the music industry.

You Don’t Have Time to Manage Yourself

Until you hire a manager, you’ll be handling a variety of responsibilities. This could include finding and booking gigs, practicing your music, recording, promoting music online, and networking.

When these responsibilities are too much to handle, then a manager will definitely be useful. Essentially, you don’t need a manager, unless you cannot manage yourself.

You might no longer have the time that you need to write new songs, rehearse, and practice. You may find it hard to manage the process of contacting venues and finding new locations to perform. If these situations apply to you, you could be ready for a manager.

You Are Earning a Substantial Income

Another sign that you’re ready for a manager is if you’re earning a substantial income each month. Managers make money when you make money.

Even though they’ll likely have several clients, they are not going to sign an artist that is pulling in one grand per month. At 10 percent, they’d only be earning about $100 per month. It’s not worth their time and energy to work with an artist that doesn’t pay off.

The Final Sign That You Are Ready for a Manager

Are you ready for a music manager? In the end, the best sign that you’re ready for a manager is when they start approaching you. You’ll not have any luck getting a manager by reaching out and contacting artist management companies or band managers.

When you meet all of the criteria discussed above, you should start receiving calls or emails for artist management. Managers will start coming to you. When you’re seen as a smart investment, you’ll surely attract people that are interested in managing your career. But, you should not make this decision lightly.

There are quite a few factors that go into finding the right manager. If you want help exploring these issues, then check out our guide – Music Management for Indie Artists.

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