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Understanding the Multiple Roles of a Music Manager

Hiring a music manager can be an important step in furthering your career. They help you book gigs, get a recording contract, handle music promotion, and even help keep your band together. They have to take on multiple roles. It is a challenging job, but someone has to do it.

Before hiring a music manager, you should ensure you understand what their job entails. You need to know what they can and cannot do for you. Here is a look at the many faces of a music manager.

Music Managers Can Book Gigs

One of the main jobs of a music manager is to help you reach your audience. They do this by booking gigs. A successful band manager will have contacts that an indie artist may not have access to. They can reach out to festivals, events, and venues to book gigs. They handle the arrangements, including the time, compensation, and other details.

Music Managers Should Promote Your Music

Another job of a music manager is to promote your music. This is handled in many different ways. They can contact radio stations, television networks, music review sites, newspapers, magazines, and any other source of advertising or promotion.

Managers are often in charge of putting together press release kits. They may also help launch a demo CD. Managers can also be in charge of your social media presence. Anything related to music promotion is in the realm of duties assigned to artist management.

Music Managers Can Handle Recording Contracts

A major part of artist management is getting a recording contract. They are responsible for handling negotiations on your behalf. They can also help you get into contact with a recording company. This is an important duty, which is why you need someone that knows how recording companies think and operate.

That covers four of the biggest responsibilities of a band manager. Though, there are still other tasks that they may be required to do. This depends on the agreement you made with your manager. Their job duties should be fully outlined in their contract. Some of the other responsibilities may include the following.

Music Managers May Handle Finances

It is fairly common for a manager to in charge of the band finances. Though, this could depend on your current level of success. At some point, a financial advisor or accountant may be needed. Some music managers have a team of employees that could include an accountant. Before signing a contract, make sure you and your manager on the same page on this.

Music Managers May Help Point You in the Right Direction

Occasionally, a band manager may give you input related to your creative direction. Depending on the dynamic of your relationships with your manager, they help point you in the right direction. They may offer advice related to your image and overall sound. Again, this is not a primary role, but one that may be assumed depending on your relationship.

Offering advice is a side role, but it can still be beneficial to your career. This is especially true if your manager has a lot of experience in the music industry. Simply put – they may know more about what works and what doesn’t. You should listen to their feedback.

Music Managers May Deal with Personal Issues

Your music manager works for you, but there are times where they may have to take the lead and ensure you and your bandmates are in agreement. It is not unheard of for a manager to have to settle band disputes and keep everyone happy. After all, their livelihood can depend on your success.

The bottom line is that music managers need to make decisions that can help further your career. That is their primary responsibility. They deal with bookings, music promotion, and contracts. They may also handle finances and personal issues or provide feedback and constructive criticism.

When you begin working with a manager, all of these roles should be outlined in your contract. You need to make sure that they understand what you want. They should be working towards helping you realize your dreams – not their own ambitions. YouTube user Music Ebooks does a great job of summarizing these roles in the following video:

How to Get a Music Manager

Ok, so you know what a music manager can or cannot do for you. You understand their multiple roles. But, you still need to learn how to get a music manager. This is not a decision that you should rush into. You need to take the time to evaluate your options and make sure that the manager that you choose is the right fit for you or your band.

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