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The Top 8 Benefits Of Hiring A Music Manager

Do you think you can make it in the music industry alone? Whether you are part of a band or a solo artist, having a music manager could make the difference between recognition and obscurity.

Obviously, a lot of work goes into creating music. But, without the right exposure, it can be hard to grow your fan base and land gigs. Hiring a music management firm or independent manager can help. Here are the top 8 benefits of hiring a music manager.

#1 – A Music Manager Can Help You Gain Exposure

One of the primary roles of a music manager is to help you gain exposure. They can use their contacts to attract attention from record labels, help you get gigs, or gather positive reviews.

A band manager is responsible for quality music promotion. From the music industry to the general public, increased awareness is perhaps the greatest benefit of having a band manager.

#2 – Boost Your Credibility in the Music Industry

Hiring a manager is not a requirement, but it can help boost your credibility. When you arrange meetings with record labels, radio stations, venues, or deal with any other business arrangements, having someone with music management experience lends an air of professionalism.

While the concept that a band without a manager is not serious about their career is unfair, it remains a factor in the modern music industry.

#3 – Your Music Manager is Better Suited to Deal with the Industry

Another unfair example of why you should hire a music manager is the fact that they are better suited to deal with people in the music industry. Whether you are dealing with journalists, record executives, or radio stations, you may notice ignored calls or a lack of response.

The reasoning for this is that certain people in the industry may find it hard to give you honest feedback. It is simply easier for them to ignore your calls than to tell you that they did not like your music. But, they will have no problem discussing their criticisms with your manager. Your band manager can, in turn, relay the information to you without crushing your hopes and dreams.

#4 – Your Manager Can Help Keep You Focused

Before hiring a manager, you should set goals. You need a firm idea of what you want to achieve. Set time-frames for these goals. While you are focusing on creating music and performing for your fans, it is easy to get distracted from the big picture.

A manager can help you keep focused. They can reinforce your original goals and keep you pointed in the right direction.

#5 – You Can Devote More Time to Perfecting Your Craft

When you are directly responsible for promoting your own musical act, you have less time to devote to perfecting your craft. Between playing gigs, managing your own website, responding to fans on social media, and making important connections, you may not be able to focus on your actual music.

A band manager can help. They will take over a large share of the responsibilities that are related to music promotion so that you can spend more time making music.

#6 – Prevent Disputes Within Your Band

If you’re part of a band, you know that certain issues can occasionally make it difficult to work together. When you handle management on your own, your bandmates may not always feel that you are doing everything that you can for the entire band.

The band manager is looking out for the interests of the entire band, not just the singer or the guitarist. They are working for everyone involved. They can act as an intermediary in financial negotiations so that the band can focus on their music. This limits interpersonal fighting and bickering that can occur with a manager-less band.

#7 – Your Music Manager Can Handle Logistics

Along with promoting your music and making valuable connections, a manager can handle the logistics of life on the road. They can create a schedule, book gigs, and make hotel and travel arrangements. Spending time on the road can be stressful, especially if you try to handle everything on your own.

Video Transcript

alright hey everybody how you know your bikes are loaded welcome back to space fiction saw some music business motivation and support today I got a series of great topics for you guys or anyone is trying to be a manager anyone that’s looking for manager we want to give you guys a series of advice things you can take with you on your journey so this is I don’t know how many parts this series is going to be but let’s dive into it you know Stan how to choose a manager what does the manager duel eccentric cetera et cetera part one that’s getting [Music] [Music] all right we must start I’ll keep the conversation very simple very basic first question is what do managers do alright that’s very simple now my definition of what a manager is as a manager is a person whose job is to facilitate the goals dreams and aspirations of the talent artist producer songwriter etc that they work for okay so it’s not necessarily you want to make everyone to meet a star your job is to help them meet their dreams some people want to be an indie success some people want to place record some people want to just grow in the industry some people want to work in in different aspects okay we just want to tour you know everyone has a different goals and so your job as a manager doesn’t take those goals while figuring out how to monetize those goals and to make any extra money on the side as you can while you don’t now in this process you’re going to discover there’s different types of managers okay now later on and one of the other videos work into the skill set right now it is not a basic broad types of entered managers done so let’s crack into it number one you had your regular managers the type of managers that were all familiar with this is a person whose job is to just guide you along the way now ideally this person is someone that you care about some of the care about you so NASA experience and gain and generally their job is pretty much the definition that I gave before whatever your dream is they’re going to help you facilitate it this is the person is very very passionate about the business very very passionate about your career or about the money or whatever methods that they use to support their lifestyle this is individual if they do this or they want to do this and passionate about this and they’re working toward this and they want to do it with you they’re going to get down in the dirt in the mud integrins with you important to press this person’s jump great relationship with this person because they’re going to take you to you know the promised land if you are that person you have to take the artist to the promised land alright the next role the vetting role is the business manager now this guy right here this is a guy that really handles everything from a financial standpoint business manager it’s really thing about it it’s let’s say you were to blow up and become crazy successful right you don’t have time to deal with stuff like okay you own a house and the gas company charge you $100 too much you know you don’t have time to deal with those type of problems your business manager is really taking on all the financial obligations of your everyday life is paying your bills and making sure your taxes are okay and making sure you know over spinor in your budget making sure no one robs you you know finances and making sure that you know you’re not spending your money well you know they’re really looking out for your financial lifestyle keeping yourself on page helping you you know track your interest on your investments teaching you doing that anything that has to do with money and managing your life and money within their life you know says if you loan some money to somebody they don’t want is going to remind you today you loan X amount of dollars to cousin cookie and you got to get that back right that’s fair done alright next individuals next individual is going to be your role manager very essential part in your own managers just like your regular managers separate there there’s cash can’t really focus you’re right they’re only really a manager when they’re on the road their job is really logistics it’s about strategic planning I’ll make sure to get the money make sure the money is deposited make sure everything clear make sure you get from A to B in a timely matter right they ought to make sure the plane rocks or corner is a bus route the coordinated that you that the trip itself is coordinated that you know what states are going to and there’s a border of space you’re going to make sense you get places on time leave on time you wake up one time so role managers are really you know vital and making sure that you know you’re making your role model right if you’re in a band or something that nature is you’ll need one responsible person on your team they’re like the micro business and no addition right that that is that business minded person that’s going to take ton of the reins for people that are like you know solo acts or small groups things of that nature and normally you have some first person on your team that’s really taking that responsibility while you’re out there you know they’re almost like a parent you know there’s Guardian they’re really looking out for used and not always having too much fun they’re not doing on a partying and drinking in the wild from the human all other times up they have to make sure that everything he’s flowing is number one that has been ensuring your safety and make sure there’s great security out there because people do get snacks kidnapped and robbed out there on the road so it’s important that persons with all right next thing your personal assistant that’s another form of manager give me your personal manager is a title that they’re often given but it’s also a personal assistant just a person who is your real true buddy this is the person that always looking out for your best interest and interest and in the smallest of ways they want to make sure you wake up early in the morning if you can’t go somewhere they’re going to go and do that thing for you let’s say you reach a certain height of celebrity you can’t walk into the hotel lobby so just let me know they don’t want to go down there and get something out the vending machine for you you know like it’s kind of like an intern type role they’re really doing whatever you ask them to do you go out you have the whole bunch of fun they don’t want doctor having fun with you with their job to make sure that you having fun it’s also their job to make sure that you get back to the bus on time when they’re looking at making sure you don’t get robbed a touch they play every role there like a role manager you’re managing security that everybody on a small level you know the party wanna meet you gonna swim you have a good time with them you don’t think they’re going to make sure that when you’re at the club you know not too many people are running up your tab because that’s real easy you just are and you want to walk to your table you know it looks like they’re part of crew and run order something goes on your bills they want to make sure you don’t have a lot of people on you’re hanging on you like that they wanna make sure you get into a cool situation bringing something back to the hotel that you safe on you back in the hotel you know all those different types of things of that nature so those are the difference the core forms of managers you have your regular manager which is overall all-inclusive you know we’ll get deeper into that in another video you’re defensive manager who’s focused on the road I mean who’s focused on your finances you have role managers focus wing role and you got the personal manager who’s focused on you as a personal person okay all the villages are vital to your success in the game so if you’re thinking about being a manager the question is what types of managers you would be what skills do you have that qualified to be the type of person in AC looking for manager what’s have a minute or do you eat now that you know the types of managers I want to make sure that I dig deeper into things like the skill set necessary for manager when you choose an advantage the mountain managers get pains that you can understand how that works from a financial standpoint right I want you understand the three keys of success and how that affect you know your a situation with your manager and really kind of help you guys choose the best manager for you and your career and what you don’t over the course in the next video now your person is looking to become a manager I have other resources tools these videos are going to be very helpful for you as well on the website as a matter of fact have a management agreement that you can download if you have something that you’re trying to sign under your own management industry right you’re an artist and you’re saying hey that’s a person that I’m rocking with that I would like to manage me you can use that contract and with downloadable WWF 86 SBI calm at the website but before we get too deep into that I need you to go watch the next set of videos because all this information is going to be very important and pertinent you’re choosing the person you’re going to be working with because choosing and managers like choosing a wife or a husband or spouse it’s really it’s really a big situation I want to make sure you’re doing it the right way so I don’t know everything but I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot and every time I get on this thing I’m giving you everything that I got so stay tuned is your oyster love Spacek go watch the next video learn more about the manager you’re going to get into [Music] [Music] you [Music]

#8 – A Professional Music Manager Simplifies Your Life

The bottom line is that having a manager will greatly simplify your life. Their job is not to obscure your musical vision or force you to make music that you do not want to. Their job is to promote your band. They help get your name out there. In the end, they can be the most beneficial resource a band could have for promoting music.

Good luck out there and remember that having a manager can greatly improve your chances of success. They can help you gain exposure and add credibility to your name. You can devote more time to your music and remain focused on your goals.


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