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Tell us about yourself and your music Were a multi – Genre label… possible one of the oldest EDM labels in America, though through the course of time we switched ownership a few times. We also own a very old Laser Show Company, and because of that, we were one of 10 companies or less […]
Tell us about yourself and your music After playing guitar for several years in the sweltering desert hell of Phoenix, AZ then being relocated to Cottonwood, AZ after nearly losing my life in a motorcycle accident in April 2008, I began tracking Dead Inception Summer 2011. With growing interest in my music I was asked […]
Tell us about yourself and your music Libertalia writes, records and performs modern American dance music with significant elements of Jazz, Rock, Reggae and WorldBeat. All of our material is original which I write, arrange and produce with my confidante and associate producer vocalist/dancer/actress/fashion designer Joni Margaux. Bill Davidow is our recording, mixing and mastering […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’m the singer of I, The Current, an experimental metalcore band from Belgium. Our music is obviously influenced by a load of bands. That melting pot created a variated sound that doesn’t really fit in one category and that’s how I like it. Talk to us more about […]
Tell us about yourself and your music My name is Franklin A. Simpkins aka Rage I’m from the south suburbs of Chicago and I’m a rapper/producer. I write and produce all of my music and have been doing so since I was 14. I love all genres of music and pull from each one to […]
  Tell us about yourself and your music Cyzle Blessed, is a female artist that has taking over the airwaves with her catchy hooks, stage presences, and witty personality has captivated listener all of all ages. “This is for the ladies” empowers women to enjoy life. It’s hot and spicy. “My Turn” takes you behind […]
2015 Release Produced and Recorded With Legendary Jack Endino Austin, Texas – February 21st, 2016 – Fans of 80s hardcore punk, all riffs and message without the frills are raving about Animal Train’s 2016 LP release, Savage Enraged, produced by Jack Endino. The band, which lives a traditional punk lifestyle, is hitting both the studio […]