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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington, DC – February 15, 2019 –  After firmly establishing themselves within the indie music-scene and solidifying their incredibly supportive fan-base with their studio debut EP Heart & Thunder in 2016 – Baltimore-based Indie/Pop/Alt-Rock band FIVES is officially back with their most creative, melodic, powerful, and all-out ambitious record to-date, the LIGHTSHŌ […]
Tell us about yourself and your music The MuthaFunkaholX are and eclectic, socially conscious band that plays funk, rock, and soul music. The brainchild of Ebon Soul and Jesse Wales, this professional touring band has entertained people with original music for many years. They have opened for iconic bands like PFunk, Gil Scott Heron, and […]
The Earth Says Hello to the SoCal-Based Singer-Songwriter and Mental Health Activist – a Bohemian Flower Child in Leather, Whose Dancey-Trancey Debut EP Red Lagoon Sounds like Jim Morrison Making Love to a Hot Girl from Portugal. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Los Angeles, California – December 13, 2018 – Like the classic tune from “Hair” goes, […]
Tell us about yourself and your music My brother had terminal brain cancer (thus ChemoBlaze) and wanted to get back into drumming. He did and got a few guys together and dragged me into it as well. We started covering some of our favorite songs and to our surprise, it wasn’t too bad. We decided […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’ve been playing music actively for over 20 years in various bands and as a solo artist. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter and have had the pleasure of being part of creating about 10 albums or so. I’m pretty comfy in the studio, whether as a producer or […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’m 22 years old and I make music in my free time such as instrumentals, covers and originals I Been Making Music Since 2016 I started out on programs such as Garage Band and mix pad and then I started out doing covers. I Do Different genres like […]
Tell us about yourself and your music My name is Tye. I’ve been practicing singing for my youngest age. I’ve always got music notes inside my mind. I’ve always liked to play the piano and create new music with my aunt old recorder radio sets. At this period, I was using recording several kinds of technics to record my music such as tapes to play on the other original former recording. That reminds me all the breath on my first recordings. When I was 13, I decided to integrate the […]
Tell us about yourself and your music My name is Vin A and I’ve been a professional musician for 17 years. I recently got the opportunity to open for Bon Jovi at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in front of 18,000 people. That was an experience I’ll never forget. I also have a residency in […]
Tell us about yourself and your music Bourbon Therapy was born out of my realization that the best therapy may just be music…and bourbon doesn’t hurt either. After picking up the bass as a freshman at the United States Military Academy, West Point, I bounced around in various rock bands from Seattle to Baltimore to […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I have been playing guitar since I was 18. I picked it up while in the Air Force, which is where I got the nickname “Bone Daddy”. I have grown of course. I am married with a stepson and a daughter. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 7 […]
Tell us about yourself and your music As an artist, I am known as Metrics. I am from Watsonville, Ca. My music is a unique blend of Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Dance. Talk to us more about your latest release My latest release was ‘Money & Honey.’ It is a danceable rap track, mainly something […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I am a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist who hasn’t been blessed with singing ability, unfortunately. I absolutely love music however and didn’t let not having a voice stop me from making music, so I compose instrumental music, and through listening to some of the artists I admire, I learnt that […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’ve been performing as a solo artist since 2014 and recently teamed up with a backing band, The Black Grass. I’ve always had a love for the lush vocal harmonies of groups like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and psychedelic atmospheres of bands like Radiohead and Pink Floyd. […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tampa, Florida — April 18, 2018 — Nick Fuse, the Unsung Top 10 Artist who should be as popular as Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen, and The Clientele. Nick Fuse spent the early part of his career playing world renowned clubs like CBGBs and My Father’s Place with The Lubricants, who later became […]