white rapper (JT)


Contact: justin turek
Phone: 4109678433
Email: penintheleft@yahoo.com

BALTIMORE, MD – Justin Ray Turek aka Jay Tizzle, tizzle , jaytizz ,JT , JRT,Tizz a rapper from Baltimore seeking a record deal.If only these people knew his story and how his up-bringings were he would be quick to get signed. Justin would give up anything to make a career out of making albums , producing beats , mixing vocals, and to be appreciated for his lyrical ability . Dealing with drug addiction growing up to finally getting clean after joining a rehab clinic. From his fathers choice to abandon him, mom being addicted to heroin, growing up in grandparents home, he seemed to use rap music as an outlet to all the pain he dealt with. Justin had a tough child hood but very gifted and talented , he raps about his life mentioning pain and suffering as a kid , also spits about his experience with love and relationships…JT is currently 24 and has been writing since age 15 and recording songs since age 18 . Tizzle has several “under under ground ” mixtapes such as “Jay Tizzle basement production-2007”, “Album 2-2008”, “Season Three-2008″…after season three Tizzle planned on recording an album titled “Pamela C-Section” referring to his mother Pamela but never went through with the song writing and recording though he had all his beats picked out for it . 2010-2011 Justin worked on a new album/ mixtape titled “Things Change” and released it 2011 with professional cover done to it , his very first album that got made into a cd . Justin is currently working on his newest album “Tizz The Season” expected to be out sometime in mid-2012. This cd will show more sophistication than the last cd and twice as many songs. Records mainly at home on a condenser mic with an 8 track mixer , and also records in other local studios