West Of West E.P. Available Via Digital

Contact: Rocko Paolo
Phone: 5149176256
Email: rock@songwriter.net

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – West Of West is a collaboration project fronted by Rocketman with Bass Control mixing in original elements of 80s/90s style sequences. The FutuRetro duo delivers a refreshing modern take on this decade of music that is timeless.

Rocketman began his career as a composer and rapper. He has worked under many aliases and has performed on and or co-written many hit songs around the globe by dance artists such as Club Beat and B.Gi.M. He continues to collaborate with songwriters and artists on their releases and is the recipient of multiple songwriting and recording awards.

Bass Control has been involved in various projects since the 90’s, from hip hop, house, pop, to industrial. He says, “Growing up I was a big fan of electronic music and I’ve always been fascinated with the creative process. He describes songwriting as something of an adventure. “With the possibilities technology allows, instead of being fully conscious of my creations, I let the musical ideas guide me. Rocketman is well suited for this approach, as his voice and creativity allows for a wide range of styles and emotions.

In video and live performances, Rocketman disguises his face to support anonymity for the music itself is what is important. The project name WEST OF WEST purposely combines contradictory compass settings as with the tracks on the E.P. that do not fit a particular pattern and or style but as a whole, lead you on a musical journey just West of West of where you currently are.