We’re Here To Show You And Everyone What We’re Made Of, And We Want You To Be A Part Of It, But We Need Your Help, Because We’re Here For More Than Just To Make It Big, But To Do So For You

We're Here To Show You And Everyone What We're Made Of, And We Want You To Be A Part Of It, But We Need Your Help, Because We're Here For More Than Just To Make It Big, But To Do So For You


Charlotte, NC – USA — August 5, 2017 — The group Dilarian rose from the ranks of the Charlotte metropolitan music scene back in early 2015, and they we’re looking to get their teeth wet. They wanted to be known, but they also wanted to make music for those around them, especially for those who’d appreciate them. The band started as a two-piece playing open mics around the area, shortly afterwards, word spread round, and the band began to perform at many of the larger venues around the city and state. They’ve been looking for a big break, but not only for themselves, but for others, to tour, record and sign with a label to continue their careers playing and showing their unique expression as much as possible.

Almost anyone is looking for recognition, big, small and in between, but it only lasts so long, and the people involved don’t always care, but Dilarian wants you to. People should care, because it gives rise to opportunities like these that others would never realize they’d get, to spread it like wild fire, and to share that information with others. Even if people don’t necessarily care, many do, and if they try, they can most certainly succeed, because many people do look for this, and this can change the minds of even those who can’t give a second concern to things like these, even in the small ambitions they can have in their lives. You can find what you want here, they want to hand It to you, say you’re going to love it and care, and it’ll happen very soon, because they want to make sure you have what you want, and so with this press release, things will be happening as soon as possible.

I want people to know that we want to succeed as much as anyone, and that drive should be recognized and not taken advantage of. I’ve asked myself plenty of times: “Why even bother? Why should I even try? It’s probably a waste”, but I keep fighting myself and telling myself and others that I have the drive. I’ll tell myself: “It’s okay, I can’t help it, I have to keep trying, there’s nothing to lose, and only something to gain, with a little effort”. I want to have that effort, and I constantly hear encouragement, but also some constructive criticism that may occasionally ring true. “You can’t always make it, but you already have, you have to try to make it bigger, just don’t have expectations, and you’ll learn to live on your own level”, and there are others that will tell you how awesome you are: “Dude, you’re just like those bands from the nineties: bold, strong, wild, creative and crazy on stage”.

Dilarian wants you to know that they care, that they’re out there, and that they’re coming. They don’t want flashing lights, or anything that may be considered pretentious, they just want to rock your world, just like the girl or boy you may have rocked earlier. They want to be that band that gets people paying attention in spite of whatever they may act like when playing, being crazy or not. They’re there to spread the word of love, but also to be real and let you know that emotions are not something to be toyed with.

Dilarian is here to share their music, and inspire the masses. They’re not just looking to make it big, but to spread their music to those around the state, country and world. They’re looking for opportunities that anyone would like to take advantage of, so this press release is just one more sign of their wanting to show others they have what it takes to make it. They’re trying to get on a share their music, sign with a label, and to hopefully begin touring, and that’s the main reason this press release is being written.

Hey, Everyone, please check out all of our social media profiles, but please, help us out by liking, following and sharing our band page at: https://www.facebook.com/dilarianofficial/?pnref=lhc


The group mostly consists of three people, also known as a power-trio. The music mostly consists of mixed elements that were taken directly, and indirectly from bands and their influences as well. The music is mostly reminiscent of 90s alternative and grunge music (Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc…), but also consists of elements of classic rock bands that also influenced many of these groups as well (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc…). https://www.facebook.com/dilarianofficial/?pnref=lhc

Dillon Shammond
2608 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209 Apt B
[email protected]






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