Vyrotek Brings Fire to Soundcloud With New EP, ‘American Youth’


Alternative rock artist, Vyrotek recently released a new EP via iTunes and Spotify. Since then it has managed to help him reach more than 30,000 plays on Soundcloud in just a few days. The EP is a mixture of hip-hop and rock sounds with some influence drawn from classic rock as well.

Vyrotek was raised in a small neighborhood just outside of Northeast Philadelphia known as Feltonville. He would regularly travel to Penn State College campuses to pass out his demos to the students and faculty there. One day Vyrotek gave a demo to his grandmother who worked in a luxury hotel building and as a surprise she passed it on to a well renowned Philadelphia producer who he began working with shortly after. Together they began to work on a project that would fuse hip-hop, rock, and pop sound. Vyrotek has cited Linkin Park, Michael Jackson, and the Deftones as his main influences.

Since it’s release, American Youth: The EP has appeared on many music blogs while also being aired on various college radio stations. While the EP is only 3 tracks, Vyrotek is currently working on the full version of the album titled American Youth: The Experience which is expected to be out sometime next year. Vyrotek also stated that the album will boast 20 or more tracks and he also said that he is intent on gamifying his entire music career to reward his fans for their support. There are also plans for Vyrotek to embark on a college tour late this fall or early 2016.


For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact Vyrotek: devyrotek@gmail.com

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