Ukrainian Tribal Metal Band Vovkulaka Rises Forth with Punishing Paranormal-Themed Single “Cemetery Voices”

Crestline, California – May 10, 2019 – Ukraine is fighting for its life. You can see it on the news coverage of the battles in the country’s Donbas region that have claimed over 10,000 lives in 5 years. You can feel the visceral anger from this unrest through experiencing the region’s distinct and crushing metal, often epitomized by innovators Jinjer (who just wrapped up a stateside tour with Devil Driver). Creeping up behind the beloved old guard is Vovkulaka (Ukrainian for werewolf)—a four-piece band that packs a brutal modern metal onslaught replete with rousing anthemic choruses, and a disquieting penchant for the occult.

Vovkulaka’s darkly cathartic metal conjures tribal spirituality, dubstep, goth, industrial, and a myriad of permeations of thrash and nu-metal. Other aesthetic signposts include the rhythmic onslaught of Slipknot, the engaging spectacle of Babymetal, and the crushing groove metal of artists like Korn, Pantera, and Rob Zombie.

Vovkulaka’s latest single, “Cemetery Voices,” comes from that heart-racing of feeling of visiting a dilapidated cemetery embroiled in its own turmoil as restless souls twist, turn, and howl into the night. While many dark acts engage in playful horror-themed lyrics, Vovkulaka’s twisted tales are lifestyle missives. These are stories from the trenches of actual ghosting hunting expeditions and otherworldly experiences from a soulful existence attuned to the dark forces and voices we don’t often see and hear. Primary singer/songwriter/band visionary VolK (Russian for Wolf) is a real deal paranormal adventurer who shares his fascinating paranormal experiences in song and via the band’s Facebook page.

“I sing and talk about the life I live. I go to cemeteries around the world and investigate. When I’m onsite, I open myself and I can feel spirits. The sensation can be overwhelming you feel like you’re going to throw up,” VolK shares.

“Cemetery Voices” opens ominously with funereal bells and charges forward with a white-knuckle thrash ride punctuated by sludge metal and gritty industrial ambience. To add to the song’s chilling feeling, Vovkulaka inserted a frighteningly disorienting sound collage in the song’s bridge composed of warped sonic debris of varied keys and tempos.

Vovkulaka was founded in 2014, and is primarily based in Odessa, Ukraine, but it also includes members from Bulgaria and the United States. The quartet features VolK as founder, drummer, singer, and primary songwriter; Naya G and JuleZ as highly-trained dancers and percussionists; and Ivan Manoloff as the band’s 7-string guitar whiz. Vovkulaka’s longtime producer is modern heavy music legend Darian Rundall (Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, Yellowcard). Vovkulaka first made a seismic impact with its debut single, “Glory to the Heroes, ” a modern metal anthem dedicated to Ukrainian soldier Nadiya Savchenko (jailed in Russia but released in May 2016). The band’s rallying call is #painneversoundedsogood and Vovkulaka is backing this morbid message up with incendiary shows throughout Ukraine and Europe. In the future, this Ukrainian beast will storm the U.S.



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