VITNE To Rock and Roll Your Stereo This Winter

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HEADLINE: VITNE To Rock and Roll Your Stereo This Winter

SUMMARY: VITNE, American rock singer in Norway, releases full-length debut NEON

American-in-Norway rock singer VITNE has set aim to rock and roll your stereo this winter with the release of his full-length debut album NEON. Released worldwide on December 3, NEON marks the singer’s first major solo release and is poised to make a big impact on the rock and glam world. The album has already begun receiving high praise and rave reviews from publications like German magazine Rock Garage (8.5/10) and (9/10). The first single, “Destroyer, recently won “Best Music Video for August 2013 by the Akademia Awards.

Born in the United States but living in Norway, VITNE brings a unique style of rock and roll to the table with his heavy Japanese rock influences and his love for American hair-metal. NEON incorporates the hard rock elegance of Japanese icons like X Japan and GACKT and mixes it with the raucous and wild styles of artists like Billy Idol and Kiss. Teamed with prolific lead guitarist Julian Angel (of Beautiful Beast fame), the two have been said to resemble a modern-day Billy Idol and Steven Stevens duo.

For fans of hard rock, hair metal, glam, and visual rock, grab your copy today and heat up your winter with NEON.

Contact: Joseph Kimbrell