Vibrant Hip-Hop Artist From Columbus GA. Mazzi CGA Brings A Vast Space Of Vibes Filled With Struggle, Love, And Success.

Vibrant Hip-Hop Artist From Columbus GA. Mazzi CGA Brings A Vast Space Of Vibes Filled With Struggle, Love, And Success.


Columbus, GA — Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 — Capturing moments before the Covid-19 pandemic, Mazzi CGA describes a short period in which he experienced heightened moments inside a relationship.

“It’s not complicated,” Mazzi CGA says. “It’s sophisticated”. Mazzi CGA is a man of relations growing from every argument, open to changes, and finding new ways to excite. In this particular relationship, Mazzi CGA is in a place he has never been before. Frenzied between real love and not falling in love again.

Things seem complicated throughout his entire EP starting with the first song “Let It Out”. In his verse, he says, “Why would you stay when the pay isn’t there, we all pay but we ain’t gotta pay with our health”. Seemingly not wanting to continue with complication, he gravitated toward the feeling that things would actually work out for the best.

Every song has come in chronological order explaining a turning point or heightened moment. Now, he’s learned that sophistication is ever-changing and that it’s a choice to continue facing it.

Mazzi is not a stranger to music or women at this point. And on his EP, he lectures us into his great moments of self-reflection. “#InTheMeanTime” goes a long way from the current time and can be used ahead to develop and reflect on our own personal stories. Listen to his EP “#InTheMeanTime” on Nov. 11 2020 available on all music platforms.

This is a life-long journey full of music. Stay tuned –

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D’Mazzio Hill, officially Mazzi CGA has been a fan of music art surrounding the hip-hop genre since birth. Though Mazzi CGA has taken influence from several genres including Country, Pop, and even Soft Rock; his sound and energy are derived primarily from the Hip Hop culture.



Mazzi CGA
D’Mazzio Hill


D'Mazzio Hill, officially Mazzi CGA is an independent music artist born and raised in Columbus, GA. He recognized his passion… ...Read More

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