VaughnBornFamous’s “Born Famous” Album: A Million Streams in the First Week


San Diego, California — VaughnBornFamous, an exceptionally talented artist, recently dropped his highly anticipated self-titled album, “Born Famous.” The album has surpassed expectations, amassing over one million streams in its first week alone. This remarkable achievement is a testament to VaughnBornFamous’s immense talent and the unwavering support of his dedicated fan base.  The goal for the “Born Famous” album was for VBF to do it all in-house and from the ground up. From the cover to the production, recordings, and videos; Vaughn did it all himself.

One of the most impressive aspects of VaughnBornFamous’s success is that he accomplished it independently, without the support of a major record label. In an industry where artists often rely on extensive promotions and radio play, VaughnBornFamous proves that genuine talent and a loyal fan base can yield incredible results. He credits his success to the unwavering support of his audience, referring to them as the best fan base in the world.

“Born Famous” features a captivating collection of tracks that showcase VaughnBornFamous’s artistry at its finest. From the globe-smashing hits like “Drifter” to the fresh new sounds of “Hollywood Dreaming” and “Lately,” the album takes listeners on a journey from VaughnBornFamous’s beginnings to the present.

The album’s biggest theme revolves around “The Times,” incorporating VBF classics like “Closing Time” and “Good Times.” Additionally, VaughnBornFamous treats fans to an epic new party song titled “Party Time,” with distinct Wayne’s World-themed vibes. This combination of familiar favorites and exciting new tracks creates a well-rounded and enjoyable listening experience.

The “Good Times” Music Video has just hit 600K! Watch it Here:

One song that showcases VaughnBornFamous’s versatility is the Indie Rock track “Times Fly,” recorded with a live band. This captivating song not only exhibits VaughnBornFamous’s impressive vocal range but also demonstrates his musical prowess. His collaborations with Valious, Tidow Beats, and more show his aim to expand his sound to more people and countries which had to help in the one million count. With each note, VaughnBornFamous solidifies his place as a rising California superstar.

Breaking records as an independent artist is no easy task, but VaughnBornFamous manages to do so effortlessly. Through his unique sound and innovative approach, he has carved out his own niche within the industry. The success of “Born Famous” demonstrates that the landscape of the music industry is evolving, with independent artists like VaughnBornFamous shaping the future.

“I try my hardest to do what everyone else is not. Then I swag that out in the studio, and this album, you’ll hear at least four sides of me you’ve never heard before.” This statement reflects the commitment and passion VaughnBornFamous pours into his music, resulting in an album that truly reflects his unique artistry. Exciting things are on the horizon for VaughnBornFamous, as he prepares for his first commercial album with Magnolia Records, scheduled for release in 2024. The anticipation surrounding this upcoming project is palpable, as fans eagerly await what promises to be another remarkable musical journey.

Be sure to listen to the “Born Famous” album, listeners can find it on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Additionally, VaughnBornFamous has released five music videos that complement the album’s tracks, providing a visual feast for fans.

Watch the “Closing Time” Video here:


VaughnBornFamous’s self-titled album, “Born Famous,” has taken the music industry by storm, amassing over one million streams in its first week. As an independent artist, VaughnBornFamous’s success is truly remarkable and a testament to his exceptional talent and the continuous support of his fans. With a perfect blend of VBF classics and thrilling new songs, the album showcases VaughnBornFamous’s growth as an artist while introducing refreshing sounds. As we eagerly anticipate his future projects, it is evident that VaughnBornFamous has created gold time and time again, but his latest may be his greatest.

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VaughnBornFamous or Born Famous is an American singer and songwriter. His dynamic verbal cadence, catchy hooks, and introspective songwriting have regarded him as Pop-Rock’s newest sensation and a pillar in the multi-genre industry. This established musician and aspiring film director hopes to capture all the essences of art whether it be sound or sight. Fame’s discography explores stories, styles, and flows unconventional to modern Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, and R&B. His personal life inspires most songs with topics like Loss, Love, Stardom, Party Life, and Struggle.


Name: Vaughnbornfamous



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