Upcoming Young Artist/Producer From Paulsboro, NJ – “DJNeeb”



Paulsboro NJ — August 15, 2017 — As a bedroom producer artist and DJ, DJ Neeb makes his debut to the world.
Born and raised in a small city in New Jersey this young talented producer got what it takes.

The 19 year old producer gained most of his clout by recording or selling beats to people he knew that could rap/sing in his home town or near by cities even different states. He has a wide fan base through out southern Jersey, Delaware and Philly with alot of new music coming soon. You can find DJ Neeb’s music on YouTube and sound cloud. There will be a self produce mixtape dropping in November be ready!

“Life before music was void I needed a new hobby something to get me moving. My calling was in 2002 when Nick Cannon starred in Drumline, I watch that movie about a million times knew it word for word beat for beat.” After that young DJ Neeb picked up band in elementary school at the age of seven and stayed in the band until graduation day in high school and he still plays his drums today. When he was in the 8th grade he was introduced to FL studio and put his rhythm to good use.

DJ Neeb is motivated to make himself known. Living with his mother and little sister with close family in town he has a perfect mindset to get his family out of the struggle.

Paulsboro NJ’s DJ Neeb is making his moves to find him a spot on the market.
There will be a mixtape is dropping in November making his debut to the world.
Show support and help him get noticed.

Listen to this Track Produced by DJ Neeb!!
Work – Nellzdagr8 (Prod. By DJ Neeb)


Growing up in a small city theres not much in town but the bad stuff especially when all the white folks live on the other side discriminating. In his music he talks about the life around him and third person his life most of the time.

DJ Neeb
Anibilie McClure
218 West Adams st



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