Upcoming artists BassVybez

Upcoming artists BassVybez

Contact: Furqan Nawaz
Phone: 647-201-0036
Email: [email protected]

TORONTO, ONTARIO – BassVybez has been working very hard since 2006 to make good music. Since then, their new single ‘She Loves Me (Not)’ has been their first breakthrough in which all of their fans and new listeners have no complaints about and they seem to love the song and wanted to hear it on the radio so more people could hear talent that BassVybez possesses in their music.

BassVybez is an upcoming group of 2 artists (Fae and Aytee), that are dedicated and passionate about music. They are very serious about their music and bringing a new style to the table. This is another reason why they decided to submit the song to Canadian radio stations. The single was submitted to radio stations in the CHR/ TOP 40 category and it has already been selected by CIUR FM for their song rotation and is also being brought up in several other radio station music director meetings! Not only that but, they are also featured in the Artist Spotlight for ArtistPR from Hollywood this week.

They compose and bring unique music to the listeners, and try various genres of music. Rap and Pop are their main strengths, but BassVybez is not afraid of trying out other genres as they enjoy music as a global language. Music is something that people turn to when words can’t describe their feelings, thus they make songs that people could relate to.

For this specific song, they had a lot of people telling them that they can relate to the scenario, lyrics, and the overall feeling!

BassVybez always aim to compose songs that people can relate to, or that give off a message about issues that need more awareness. They like to keep it real. They do this while maintaining a unique style that incorporates aspects of main stream (instrumentals) so it catches the listener’s attention, yet has a deep message in it (lyrics).

BassVybez is currently working on their upcoming singles that touch on different genres from serious rap (current issues) to summer jams (Caribbean/ reggaeton) and club hits.

BassVybez awaits for what the music industry has in store for them.

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