Unmasked Illuminati – The Revolution Of The Conscious Society

Lakeland Florida USA — Thursday, August 1st, 2019 — A New Era of Musical Enlightenment has begun, this story is just the beginning of what is to come again. Therein, within each individual is energy that remains a mystery to the one who possesses it; however, the time has come for all who desire to feel it become apart of the revolution of the conscious society. This is about the universal language that connects all living things; more importantly, the key has now been activated. Tune in for the experience of a lifetime, a journey begins, when one realizes it is not about oneself, but about service unto others.

A day in the life, yet the night remains unaccounted for. This is a musician who believes in the empowerment of the people upon the face of this earth, the moment one no longer gives the gift away is the moment it is no longer a gift, but a curse. All available musical releases are on well-known platforms such as iTunes, Pandora, and many others. Without the fans, there is no wind; help this musician and the ears shall be satisfied with the forgotten frequency.

“The mesmerizing psychedelic; a legend of unprecedented musical enlightenment.” – Joshua Crockett also is known as, “Jay Crow”

Thank you for your continued support and commitment; as mentioned earlier, how can a bird fly, if its wings are clipped? Together, change can be achieved; do not hesitate to become apart of history.

The latest single, “High Kitty” is available on all major media distribution websites. Additionally, new releases will be coming out soon!

Go for it! The day has come to pass, this is a chance of a lifetime to indulge in musical pleasure.

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Your support is necessary to achieve greater success and to bring the music to a town near you. For inquiries on supporting the vision of Unmasked Illuminati, please email us at unmaskedilluminati@musician.org


This musician was inspired by a subcontractor’s son playing his electric guitar outside on the patio with his friends back in the summer of 2005. As a result, later that year, his father bought a guitar for this intrigued aspiring artist and that was the beginning of this musician’s legacy. The music is a mix of quite a few genres; some folks have stated on the record, “it is foreign, difficult to label.”



Unmasked Illuminati
Joshua Crockett

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