Unearthing Relatable Stories of the Human Experience- Riitta Leivo & Danne Österlund Drop “Stormy Warning Blues”

CRS-Record, artists Riitta Leivo and Danne Österlund

With a beautiful new Blues release, “Stormy Warning Blues”- Riitta Leivo and Danne Österlund showcase the magic that comes from the unison of talented artists

Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland —October 31st, 2023 – With stunning production by CRS-Record, Finnish artists Riitta Leivo and Danne Österlund’s newest release is a mesmerizing shade of the Blues. Titled “Stormy Warning Blues,” the soulful new single features the beautiful musical journey that the artists have had up till now.

Touching the hearts and minds of all audiences, Riitta’s lyrics draw inspiration from the stories she has encountered, heard, and her own life experiences, infused with a hint of imagination. The seasoned artist believes that the blues genre allows her to delve deep into the complexities of human existence, capturing everything from moments of profound sadness to sheer happiness.

Her creative journey in the realm of blues continues, as she seeks out new stories to transform into soulful songs. Danne Österlund, a visionary in his own right, is not only a musical collaborator but also a gifted painter. His timeless ability to evoke emotions through both music and visual art creates a unique synergy within their collaboration.

“Stormy Warning Blues” by Riitta Leivo and Danne Österlund reflects the duo’s dedication to the blues, a genre that allows them to explore the full spectrum of human emotions and create relatable tracks.

The eclectic new track manifests the beautiful unison of rhythms and tones as a Swedish-Finnish singer-songwriter and a Finnish-Swedish musician-painter work alongside, resulting in two powerful Blues tracks that bring a fusion of culture and experience to the forefront.

CRS-Record is the passionate label behind the talented artists Riitta Leivo and Danne Österlund which remains dedicated to producing music that resonates deeply with the human soul and experience.

With their compelling new release, the artists continue to inspire and captivate audiences with their stories and melodies. As Riitta Leivo and Danne Österlund embark on their blues-filled journey, they invite music enthusiasts and curious listeners to explore the emotional depth of their music and find new meanings in their craft!

Stream the artist’s soul-stirring new single on YouTube and Spotify and fall in love with the fusion of cultures, experiences, and artistic passions brought to life through the universal language of the blues.



Riitta Leivo was born in Tampere, Finland, but the artist’s journey took her to Malmö, Sweden, when she was just six years of age. In her mid-twenties, Riita returned to her homeland, Finland and continues to create music there. On the other hand, Danne Österlund, a seasoned artist known for his musicianship and painting, is originally from Porvoo in Finland.

Riitta Leivo and Danne Österlund have crafted two original blues singles, featuring their own compositions and released through CRS Record, a small yet passionate Swedish record company. These songs, born out of creative synergy, are a testament to the universal appeal of the blues and the power of storytelling through music. Both singles were produced in 2022 under the CRS Records label, offering a new perspective on the timeless genre of blues.


CRS-Record, artists Riitta Leivo and Danne Österlund
Name: Riitta Leivo leivo.riitta@gmail.com
Email: leivo.riitta@gmail.com
Phone: +358414983556

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