Transformative, Compelling, and Inspiring Stories through the Simplicity of Rhythm- Daniel R. Polad Sr.

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Transformative, Compelling, and Inspiring Stories through the Simplicity of Rhythm- Daniel R. Polad Sr.

Underpinned by kindness, compassion, and boundless love, Daniel R Polad’s meaningful records exemplify the artist’s wonderous life story

Morgan, Utah — July 20th, 2023 – Uplifting audiences with his heartfelt, profound, and inspiring music, Daniel R. Polad Sr’s music is a moving yet simple work of art. Spreading love and admiration for the majestic world that we exist in, Daniel has dropped 4 sublime new singles for audiences.

Depicting his originality, effortless songwriting, and powerful production, the seasoned singer-songwriter brings out a fascinating feeling of comfort, awe, and inspiration through his music. An easy-going, simple listening experience for everyone, tracks such as “Earth” and “Little Blonde Girl,” “Kind World,” and “Universal Wish” portray a rich landscape of emotions.

“Having waited over one-half-century to get them to the point of people listening, but particularly viewing the songs is a personal fulfillment. I did create (can’t say wrote) four beautiful songs that are now being heard and being seen,” says the skilled artist regarding his compositions.

In a heartwarming tale of determination and resilience, the inspiring 76-year-old musician, finally sees his lifelong dream come true as he shares his beautifully composed songs with the world.

Serving as a Hospital Corpsman in the Vietnam War, Dan discovered his passion for music while on duty and began crafting melodies and lyrics in his mind, despite having no formal training in writing or reading music. For decades, these songs remained unshared, but Dan’s determination and belief in their significance never wavered. His central goals were to complete a book based on the experiences of those who lived through the “Great Depression” and “World War II,” and to record his own ingenious songs.

However, lack of financial resources threatened to keep Dan’s songs hidden, until life took a turn, allowing him to turn his dreams into reality. With this newfound support, he embarked on recording his heartfelt compositions and writing his profound book.

“Even though I am using Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, TuneCore, Google, CDBaby, Also, please understand, most people my age struggle mightily with the computer… I shake like a 10.0 earthquake!” says Daniel.

Stream the artist’s passionate and enlivening new musical compositions on his official music streaming platforms! Follow the artist as he traverses his beautiful journey!




Daniel R. Polad Sr.’s extraordinary musical journey began amidst the backdrop of the Vietnam War. As a Hospital Corpsman, his soulful voice and musical inspiration emerged while on duty. Unfamiliar with writing or reading music, Dan’s compositions found their roots in his mind, and he began to match words to the music, creating four powerful songs. After five decades, he managed to secure the necessary funds to professionally record his songs, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Despite his struggles with technology, Dan’s music speaks volumes, carrying a message of love and compassion for a kinder world, uniting billions of individuals as one. With each note he plays and each word he sings, Daniel R. Polad Sr. leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of all who listen


MAS Production
Name: Daniel R. Polad Sr
Address: 5575 Garnet Dr, Morgan, Utah
Phone: 8017106305

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