Contact: Nathaniel Stovall
Phone: 6464251065

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, always looking to fit in with a different genre or anything going mainstream today. But there are a select few of people that fully emerge and take command of their craft, music, and identity. Nathaniel Stovall A.K.A. Nate fits firmly in that category. His new mix tape, “No More Room in Heaven, is a unique and captivating debut that shows a gifted and heralded new talent, whose music brings a new vibe in the best way possible while separating him from the pack.
Born in Harlem, New York on March 27, 1991, Nathaniel always wrote poetry but wasn’t interested in music until he was about 18. He explains “I started writing lyrics on a series of interesting occurrences in my life. I had went to three psychics and they told me the same thing that I would be successful in music. A few months later uninterested in music still, my friends wanted to start a rap group and over the next months that passed, I rapped day and night. Then my friend from high school had the same class with me and he purposed to me to come over and record at his house. I would study artists such as Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Mob Deep, and Wu-Tang. He would make a YouTube account while recording with his friend under the name “Natethegreat552 always putting songs up for people to listen to. Perfecting his own style for over four years and constantly improving, Nathaniel feels success is right on his way.
Always on the go of wanting his music spread, Nate would go perform to get his name out there. Going to the Pyramid Club to perform his song he wrote called “I knew this bitch named Keisha and would frequently go to the E garage to perform any songs he recorded at his friends recording studio. Never giving up, he waited a year to get into a professional studio and make his debut Mix tape “No More Room in Heaven currently on He said “I just have to grind in order to reach where I feel I am destined to go. The process of writing songs and expressing your life is very hard but when it comes from your heart, people will eventually start to hear you. From the opening “Unexpected Smiles there is a dark journey of the past to the present in which Nate tells his life’s negative expressing his struggle on how he got to this point. The two songs that impressed me were “Thug Life and “True Romance which shows the serious side and a street wise side.
Nate is still currently promoting his music and working on his second mix tape. “I’m gaining momentum Nate says. “I am very excited about the future and I cannot wait to be heard. Nate is doing what he said he would which best is believed as his mantra in life and writing his music to express it for the world is bone chilling.