This Toi Is Not Meant To Be Played With!


Huntington WV — December 18, 2015 — This 29 yr old female rap artist who also produces her own beats isn’t the “Toi” to play with. Toi Keira says that she has been making noise on and off of the Mic since the age of twelve and doesn’t plan to stop now. with her mind focused and her head to the sky she feels the next level isn’t only reachable but passable and she’ll do whatever it takes to shoot past the stars.

Growing up in a small town that’s majority country and pop didn’t leave much opportunity for making it big with hip hop music for Toi, but it sure didn’t deter her from her long term goal and dream to make the people dance. “I have always loved music and I have always been music.“, says Toi Keira. “As a kid if there was a house party, I was the person they called for music. It wasn’t a party until T-Wiz was in the building.“, she laughs. Toi says music has always been a major part of her life, from singing in the church choir, playing in the school band to now rocking stages across WV.

Toi Keira has made her mark in WV, preforming four different times at the WV’s Finest Competition and winning all four times once as a duet and three times as a solo artist this little lady holds quite a big title in the state. “I see myself in California in the next three years doing what my fans and family all know that I am capable of, music is life it tells so many different stories and it will never grow old”. Toi tells us that she’s more motivated now than ever before, due to a life changing event earlier this year Toi says that she has no time to play, only “Time For The Grind“.

Keep those eyes open and them ears tuned in because this is one that you won’t want to miss!

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