This is the pain, this is the voice, this is Sever The Day

This is the pain, this is the voice, this is Sever The Day


Austin, Texas — Monday, March 1st, 2021 — Emerging from the shadows, Sever The Day has made a mark on the 2021 year. Vocalist Dax Roberts returns to writing powerful, raw, and emotional music than ever before, captivating audiences from all genres. The newest single release, Binge, has been streaming across multiple social media platforms; Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer, and many more and have not only defined what is to come with this artist but provides a story all will want to follow. Co-written by Evan McKeever of Nine Shrines, the music and emotion can relate to all listeners across each platform. Sever The Day brings a new but familiar sound to the music scene in 2021 but has some big plans featuring some of Rocks’ biggest vocalist alongside Dax Roberts.

If you are a fan of bands like Linkin Park, Nine Shrines, and Nothing More, then you are going to want to listen to Sever The Day. This act is releasing some behind-the-scenes footage of producing, recording, writing, and creating music during the pandemic all on their website We recently noticed that Sever The Day has featured fans on their Spotify Canvas, and changes it up weekly to show that their music is all about and for the fans. We have never seen this from an artist, it is a pretty cool perk of following this act.

Sever The Day would like to thank all of the listeners and supporters through the new project and the creation of new music. Dax Roberts would like everyone to know that their support has changed a dark period in his life, into one of the brightest times ever! Thank you!

Make sure to follow Sever The Day on all social media platforms to include TikTok. There are somethings you don’t want to miss so subscribe to them all.

Join us in supporting some new and upcoming music from Sever The Day and if you want to be part of their art, reach out directly. Here is an artist for the fans!

Visit to be added to their mailing list and catch yourself on their Spotify Canvas by sending a photo or video of your interpretation of Binge.





Sever The Day is an American Hard Rock band from Austin, Texas recording the first independently funded album The Paranoia of Emotions. Binge, the lead single was released on January 17, 2021, on all major streaming platforms gaining momentum daily. All of Sever The Days music is self released with the fan in mind.



Sever The Day


Emerging from the shadows, vocalist Dax Roberts returns to music with his solo project Sever The Day. The first single,… ...Read More

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