New Single – The Come Up


Drops new single The Come Up

Utica, New York: October 8, 2014 – New York based hip hop artist, Isa Blaque, releases his much anticipated single, The Come Up, on October 10, 2014. The hardcore track is composed of insane melodies with a heavy bass which boasts a classic Rap style infused with smooth R&B sounds.

His raps are clear and easy to understand with an easy flow and a talent for piling multiple rhymes on top of one another in quick succession. He’s blessed with a flair for the dramatic, and slips in and out of the hardcore and contradictory character with ease.

According to the talented and outspoken rapper, “my music is real rap music you can feel. It’s just as my acronym says, FRIO which means, FOR REAL and INTELLIGENT PEOPLE ONLY. If you’re real you will be able to relate to my music.” The Utica born artist is the write and the producer of the new single, “The Come Up”, which represents the highlight of an artist who advocates a unique music, style, and culture. The FRIO world boss already has a large underground fan base in the US with his mixed tapes but is well recognized throughout Europe with an established YouTube and twitter following.

Since his last single, Isa Blaque has grown considerably and has expanded upon his sound, and the maturity is shown extensively on this new track. The lyrics are confident, and show a much more poetic side to the artist than seen previously. Isa opens up his vocabulary, using
metaphors, but still embracing street slang. The artist explains that, “I have been rapping since my days in Utica high and I want longevity in the business and the opportunity to touch people with my music and let the youth know they can accomplish anything with passion, dedication, and hard work, but it all starts with a dream.”

About Isa Blaque
Isa Blaque is an unsigned artist with music on Youtube, Datpiff, Amazon, Itunes and many more digital and social media platforms. Check him out and support his music through the following links and media.
Videos: youtube: isa blaque
twitter: frioisablaque
itune store: Isa Blaque
Mixtape link:


Independent artist,REAL rap music you can FEEL. Isa Blaque Utica, N.Y.-based award-winning hip-hop rapper Isa Blaque founded his burgeoning career… ...Read More

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