The Next Rap Star Is From New Jersey?

The Next Rap Star Is From New Jersey?

Runnemede, New Jersey — Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 — Ø.D.D makes his debut with his single “Manners” and really shows the potential he has as an artist. With his one of kind flow and lyrics, he can tell stories of his life from heartbreak to his future goals or just being able to get a vibe going. Fans of his describe his music reminding them of artists like Lil Peep, Logic, and many other artists like them, he uses witty bars to convey a stronger message to the listener that impacts them leaving them wanting more. Ø.D.D really has what it takes to put Jersey on the map.

His album “My Mixed Mind” set to drop in mid to late October of 2020 will really relate to anyone who wants to follow their dreams. Being in a small town people get forced to be stuck with even smaller dreams. Ø.D.D plans on breaking that cycle and with “My Mixed Mind” tries to show his process through becoming a musician and him still struggling with the past. You can find this album on Spotify and Apple Music when it releases October 2020.

” This is a new way. The new way people perceive rap, by me. A kid with a dream. A kid with hope. A kid just seeking redemption from the world.”

It’s An Odd World by Ø.D.D

” People chase cars, money, relationships. Man I just the crowd to scream my name.”


Ø.D.D has another single “Do Too Much” set to drop at the end of September 2020, another track off his album “My Mixed Mind” which shows just how versatile he is an artist. Bars coming after bars, he really shows how talented he is an artist. This small town artist really could be the next rap phenomenon if he plays his cards right, which he always is.

In short, Jersey has many artists right now that are getting the recognition they deserve. With Ø.D.D coming up the way he is, he can truly take his career by storm and put Jersey on the map. Many fans are joining his takeover, will you be?

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Ø.D.D is a rapper with sounds and singing talents as Lil Peep and witty bars and flow like Logic. He is a small town rapper wanting to go to the next level with his music. His songs of heartbreak and breaking the odds really show how impactfully of a message he can bring to the music industry.



Raymond Vanore
300 West Clements Bridge Road Runnemede New Jersey


Ø.D.D is a small town rapper with making a name for himself in the music industry. With his first single… ...Read More

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