The kid Who Started with a macbook and a Dream


Bowling green, KY — April 17, 2017 — Throughout His life had many obstacle’s to overcome. In and out of trouble and run in’s with law enforcement He felt like he would never make it out or become someone important in life with a cause and purpose. Everything that Alex been through he’s had Crist to give him the strength he needed to overcome his mistakes. His music is his Love his passion his everything and sometimes it makes you feel as if the music is what’s going to take him to the places I need to go in life. Meet the people he need to meet in life to build his own legacy his own empire and be successful in life with no regrets.

Alex wasn’t always a troubled kid and honestly it seem as if trouble would always run into him. Eventually he relieved that with all actions they come with reactions and consciences and he learned that being the bad guy or the tough guy will only get you a free pass into one or two places and that was dead or in jail. When Alex turned 15 his mom bought him his first very own laptop and would browse the web non-stop. He was never really into technology until he got his first laptop and then that’s when the magic happens.

Growing up I didn’t have much but I had enough and my parents tried their best to make sure I had stuff that I needed. But I was always the kid to say I don’t care what I need I want this I want that. We all know that’s not how life go’s you just don’t get everything you want but that all changed my 15 birthday . My mom went an bought me a laptop which I barely knew how to use she even had to set it up for me but I eventually grew to know how to use it. I would always see my cousin Aaron write music and record his music so then I tried to do it myself but instead I taught myself the hard part. How to make and record and edit your own music and produce it and that’s what separated me from a lot of kids my age at the time and I loved it and honestly me having a laptop kept me out of the trouble I was getting into and going back and fourth to court time after time.

Throughout all the trouble Alex has ever been in or had to overcome he is a prime example of a miracle a blessing and someone who never gave up and kept fighting to go down the right path and become a better person then he was. Don’t let the people around you or your environment make you feel like a statistic and you have no way out your struggle or pain because Alex went through the same thing and look how he’s trying and is doing a complete 360 in life and is on a better path to success.

This is Alex first official song on iTunes which was released 3/17/17



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