Contact: Kristen Miller
Phone: 3035016113

DENVER, CO – The HITS formed through the workings of Craigslist in April 2011, once strangers that shared the same vision for music. They began playing music and after a few practices they realized they would make history! With Jayne’s unique strumming pattern and classic rock background, Molly’s bluesy lead riffs, Nicole’s deep punky bass lines and Kristen’s hard hitting drum beats, these ladies have found a way to combine their individual playing styles into one really unique indie rock sound.

The HITS have made huge progress in the Denver music scene in a short amount of time. They have developed professional working relationships with many venues as well as other local bands and promoters. In the beginning of 2012 they played in Denver Westwords Best of the West Competition as well as Colorado Music Buzz Bandwagon Contest, and Denver’s Battle of the Bands, just coming shy of a win in each competition. They were also invited back for the Best of the West Competition in the beginnning of 2013 placing second in their round. With positive feedback from all venues for their professionalism and performances they are always invited to return and rock the stage.

The HITS ladies also work closely with a non-profit organization, Musicians In Action, creating and participating in benefit events to assist with food and clothes for the Denver homeless. In addition, The HITS have also been recently sponsored by B.A. American Hero Clothing. These ladies are hard workers in the Denver Music Scene and have built a solid reputation for themselves in doing so. They also work closely with many other Denver locals such as, Trevor O’Connor with Trevor Rocks Denver and online radio station which cover the Denver Music Scene. They also work closely with Tony Mason with Tone Dynamix for booking shows and creating a solid empire of awesome team mates all working towards the same things!