“The Funeral of Death” Predicted by Polish Duo In a Song Harking Back to Queen’s “Innuendo”

"The Funeral of Death" Predicted by Polish Duo In a Song Harking Back to Queen's "Innuendo"


Kraków, Małopolska, Poland — Monday, April 12th, 2021 — The song opens the cycle “The Great Escape” from Polish prog-rock group The Pinkerettes’ second record Onwards and Upwards and is called “Death”. The term `Great Escape’ was invented by the economist Angus Deaton, who says that mankind engineered an escape from three great plagues: death, illness and famine. The escape from death means that we now live much longer than we used to not so long ago and that most of us die of old age rather than of various scourges that plagued humanity throughout history. Musically, the piece was inspired by Queen’s “Innuendo” and “Asturias” written by Isaac Albéniz.

The song is already available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV9clmT9syw and will see its Spotify release on April 23. As with most songs by The Pinkerettes, it takes up a theme from the optimistic vision of the modern world from the books of the Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker. This time it is about longevity: we live more than twice as long as we used to atthe onset of the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th-century.

The question which immediately springs to mind is why publish a song about longevity during the pandemic. “I say sorry to those who might feel offended, but on the other hand, the pandemic perfectly demonstrates the most important reason we are living longer and longer: the power of science, which made it possible to sequence the virus and create effective vaccines in record time,” explains Tomasz Bieroń, the father in the family duo. “What is more, once the pandemic ends, we may take heart from the fact that our lives are stretching into the future, as we say in our song”.

“Death” marks a certain departure from the style shown by the Pinkerettes on their first record Better Angels, as it contains an extended and dramatic guitar solo played by Filip (the son in the family duo) and is more lyrical, also thanks to the use of the Spanish or Gypsy scale. It contains the tragic story of Urszula Kochanowska, a daughter of Polish Renaissance poet and National Bard Jan Kochanowski – after her death at the age of 2,5, he wrote a poignant cycle called Laments and translated into English by Seamus Heaney.

The “rock flamenco” follows the heavy metal song “Piece on Earth” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z9RJccJOXo) and precedes “Why Are You Afraid of Progress?” based on the theme of Janáček’s Sinfonietta, previously used by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, to be released next month. The remaining two songs of “The Great Escape” cycle are inspired by Prokofiev’s violin concertoes and Metallica’s “Call of Khtulu”.

Learn more, see photos and videos and/or download the pre-release version of the song here: https://www.pinkerettes.pl





My name is Tomasz Bieroń, I am a 57-year old translator from Kraków, Poland.  In 2019, inspired by my then 18-year old son, who is the lead guitar player in the Kraków band Coroecho, I decided to write music. The prog-rock/metal compositions are mostly my own. I have translated two books by the Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker and the vision of the world contained in them made such a huge impression on me that I decided to promote it in my lyrics and videos. On September 30, 2020 we released our first record, Better Angels. In January this year, we put out the song “Peace on Earth”, opening our next record Onwards and Upwards. We plan to complete it by the summer this year.



The Pinkerettes
Tomasz Bieron (Bieroń)
Bronowicka 17a/29, 30-084 Kraków, Poland

Polish Duo The Pinkerettes Puts Music to Psychology

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