The frog goes ribbit, the cow goes moo. The Best in Guyana? you got your proof.


Georgetown, South America, Guyana — He did it yet again! Have you ever tried your best to come up with an ingenious way to capture an audience? EleMent a budding Guyanese musician has tested and proved his ability to create music tailored for Guyanese.

EleMent started his music career in 2020, with no foundational knowledge on mixing, producing and marketing music, only with a passion to do great things musically.

Before creating his first successful single “Best in Guyana” that’s known by heart to many EleMent formulated a plan to winning the hearts and ears of many with his music. In The Manhattan Project Phase 1, EleMent focuses on the ability of his singles to independently withstand the test of time and be called his classics songs.

His first attempt to making classic is the recent single “Best in Guyana” where he uses a rhythmic flow coupled with a quirky catch phrase “The frog go ribbit, the cow go moo” which ultimately gives a relaxed funky chorus. When performed at shows the positive reaction of the crowd had him thinking, “Maybe I can keep making more tunes like this just so I give the crowds and listeners what they want”

Thereafter, he hit the drawing board, writing down catch phrases, listening to beats, mumbling rhythms over it until he came up with his most recent single, “ITATE”. A single lasting 1:37s was widely praised for its ingenious writing and execution, among his catalog of over 40 songs.

Want to witness this track and more amazing music?

Stream ITATE on Youtube:

Stream Best in Guyana on Youtube




Josiah Mentore, also known as EleMent, is a budding artist, hailing from Guyana, South America.



Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube.

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Name: Josiah Mentore
Address: Lot 1088 Section A Block X Diamond E.B.D, Georgetown, South America, Guyana
Phone: +5926587421


Google Music:

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