The Freshest Voice of Hip Hop. Meet STRICKNINE CURARE


Atlanta, GA. – In the bubble gum world of or Hip Hop, one artist stands out from amongst the crowd. His voice is like none other in game, and the sense of urgency by which he raps in unheard of. This artist goes by the name of STRICKNINE CURARE. From the moment you press play and hear him, you are engulfed into his world. His subject matter is real, his delivery is unmatched, and the lack of gibberish can be noted.

He comes from the Atlanta neighborhood of Sylvan Hills. Having once been on the wrong side of the law, he has chosen to be a community activist and mentor, along with using Hip Hop as a medium to reach those who may be headed down the wrong path in life. He is trying to stop the youth from making some of the same mistakes that he did along his journey.

If his name is under your radar, then it won’t be for long. He is churning out song after song, in what can only be described as game changing fashion. These records are going to be systematically released to the public starting in June of 2015. It will immediately be followed up by a mixtape in July. His claim to fame is that he will collaborate with almost any artist that has drive. Once that happens, mediocre rappers seem to step their game up, because they know that it is no half-stepping with this guy.

His name is a combination of two of the most deadliest substances known to man, but in small doses, are highly medicinal. It symbolizes that fact that although his upbringing and life story started out harsh, he has matured and been able to conquer his demons. He would like to impart that to anyone willing to listen, and even those who are not willing. His voice forces you to take note.


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